Eight fitness classes we can’t get enough of

23 February 2018 by
First published: 15 February 2018

Eight fitness classes we can’t get enough of

With more and more awesome workout classes being developed, it’s never been easier to get our fitness fix. Here are seven fitness classes we can’t get enough of this year – some new, some classics!

Knockout ONE LDN - We Heart Living

Knockout ONE LDN – We Heart Living

Knockout – One LDN

Half of this class is spent unleashing everything you’ve got the bag – that’s punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Don’t worry if you’ve never done any boxing, kickboxing or Muay Thai training before though – the instructors will take you through combinations at the start of each round, as well as work their way through the room to ensure you’ve got the technique nailed. The rest of the time, you can expect gruelling rounds of conditioning using battle ropes, slam balls and kettlebells. Rest? What rest?

Climb to the beat - We Heart Living

Climb to the beat – We Heart Living

Climb to the beat – Sweat by BXR

If you’re sick of your usual cardio fix, then 2018 just might be the year of the versaclimber for you. The fitness craze has taken LA by storm, and London is set to follow. The 45-minute class at Sweat by BXR that we took was led by Courtney, and thanks to his motivation, high energy and big beats, the good vibes were flowing from start to finish. You’ll climb to the beat – clue’s in the name! – so the tempo varies with each track, but you can expect your heart rate to be through the roof no matter what. This class is challenging both mentally and physically, so make sure you bring your A game.

The Games KXU - We Heart Living

The Games KXU – We Heart Living

The Games – KXU

Strongman training is for everyone: fact. Flipping tyres back and forth, chucking atlas stones around and lifting logs above your head might not look or sound that accessible, but that’s because you haven’t found the right group of people yet. Enter, The Games – a class at new pay-as-you-go boutique studio, KXU, that will have you feeling like you could deadlift a black cab by the time you’re done. The instructor, Laura, has a knack for making you believe in yourself – combine this with a good pair of trainers and the camaraderie that seems to come with every class, and you’ll be lifting things you never thought you could in no time.

Barry's SW1 - We Heart Living

Barry’s SW1 – We Heart Living

Barry’s Bootcamp

You can’t knock a classic. Barry’s Bootcamp is known worldwide as one of the most solid group fitness classes you can do, and their loyal following is testament to the results it yields. With rounds of treadmill runs interspersed with resistance work on the floor and using weights, you always know what you’re in for when you head to a Barry’s studio – but that doesn’t ever make it any easier! They’ve now got four studios open in London – the latest being in SW1 – so you can get your fix all over the city. If you’re not much of a runner, you should still get to experience the infamous red room – so swerve the treadmills and book yourself in for a double floor session. Watching the others get after it might even convince you to lace up your runners one day…

Psycle HIIT - We Heart Living

Psycle HIIT – We Heart Living

HIIT – Psycle

Psycle’s Ride classes are known for its energetic instructors, blaring beats and fast-paced spin classes, and when it comes to their HIIT offering, you can expect much of the same. Using a mixture of bodyweight and equipment like the TRX and kettlebells, classes will take you through circuits of full-body exercises in a non-stop format to get your heart rate high, muscles fired up and sweat dripping. Taking a break from the saddle to give this intense workout a go will pay dividends in the strength department.

KOBOX - We Heart Living

KOBOX – We Heart Living

HEAT – Kobox

If you’ve ever tried a class at Kobox then you’ll know the drill: everyone spends half the time smashing up the bag with jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts and the other half on the ‘wall’, chucking about slam balls, bashing out burpees and pushing the pace with loads of other resistance exercises. The gruelling workout takes place in a dark room with loud tunes, allowing you to really go hell for leather without a care in the world. The result is an intense boxing fitness workout that pulls no punches – excuse the pun! For those who want that little bit more, try HEAT – it’s the exact same class, but the room is heated. How else would you want to spend your Friday night?!

Triyoga - We Heart Living

Triyoga – We Heart Living

Hot yoga – Triyoga

It’s yoga – exactly as you know it! Triyoga’s beautiful studios just ooze serenity, making them the perfect place to seek solace during that lunch break, after a stressful day at work or to start your day. There are no gimmicks in this hot yoga class, just a lot of heat and even more good vibes. The medium intensity of the class allows you to challenge your body while really relaxing into those poses you know and love, so whether your goal is to get more flexible or to achieve a level of mindfulness, you’re covered.

Seen on screen - We Heart Living

Seen on screen – We Heart Living

Boss – Seen on Screen

Can dancing ever not put you in a good mood? Seen on Screen is on to something with its new Boss class, a dance class which makes you feel like you’ve stepped onto a set for a music video. With routines set to some of your favourite tracks by the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce and Little Mix, it’s impossible not to leave the session feeling like a serious Boss. Empowerment, fitness and a proper good time in one hour? We’re down.

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