Seven fast fitness classes in London

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First published: 18 September 2017

Seven fast fitness classes in London

No time for a full session? These seven fast fitness classes in London are perfect for quick lunchtime workouts.

Seven fast fitness classes in London

1 30X at Kobox

Having ‘one of those days’ at work? Take it out on the bag. It may just be a 30-minute window, but the instructors will help you up that intensity. Get ready for a high-octane, motivating workout. It’s gloves on for a few rounds on the bag, then gloves off and onto the wall for resistance exercises. These exercises focus on upper body, lower body or core – with no time to spare. If you’re looking for the perfect antidote to a stressful day at work while really working up a sweat, we’ve found it.


Seven fast fitness classes in London

2 Ride 30, Rumble 30 or Reshape 30 at 1Rebel

Cult boutique fitness studio 1Rebel is known for its intense atmosphere and equally intense workouts. All three class concepts are available in 30-minute lunchtime sessions. This will help you power through the rest of your day. Hop in the saddle for Ride, don the boxing gloves for Rumble or lace up your running shoes for a running and weights combo class with Reshape – all of which will help you get your workout done and dusted so you can grab your complimentary shake and head straight back to work.


Seven fast fitness classes in London

3 Boom 30 at Boom Cycle

If you thought chopping 15 minutes off Boom’s regular spin classes meant that it’d be easier, you’re mistaken. Don’t worry though, the higher intensity comes hand in hand with the high-energy playlists they’re known for, guaranteed to get you pedalling to your max and leave you buzzing all afternoon. You’ll also get a free large protein shake and bike shoes are included, so you don’t need to lug trainers around on your work commute – bonus.


Seven fast fitness classes in London

4 Power Plate at Transition Zone

If you’re unsure about experimenting with the weird vibrating platform in the corner of your gym, try this class instead. The 25-minute session at Transition Zone in west London promises to get your muscles working harder than they would without the Power Plate. The vibration causes your muscles to contract more than in a conventional workout, so the session is said to count for an hour and a half of regular exercise. Expect to supplement the vibration with HIIT moves with kettlebells, battle ropes and bodyweight to ensure you really make the most of the 25 minutes.

Introductory offer of £25 for two classes,

Seven fast fitness classes in London

5 HIIT at Blok London

Fitness with frills is fun sometimes, but if you’re just looking for a straightforward sweat session that will get your heart pumping, sweat flowing and muscles burning, Blok’s HIIT class does what it says on the tin. It’s just 30 minutes, but it’s satisfyingly intense – and there’s nowhere cooler to strut your fitness stuff than at this trendy east London studio.


6 GRID at Virgin Active

Whether you choose Grid Fit, Grid Lean, Grid Strong or Grid Active, Virgin’s 30-minute Grid classes are perfect for the time-poor. The class variations – which are pretty self-explanatory – take place on the ‘grid’ on the gym floor. The class uses the grid to create circuits, obstacles and spaces to move around creatively. From fat loss to fitness, these high-intensity classes make it easy to reach your individual goals.

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7 FGT Explore at Fitness First

Sometimes it’s not all about going hell for leather just because time is short. Fitness First’s FGT (Freestyle Group Training) Explore class aims to use the 30 minutes to really get members working out properly. This means focusing on mobility, good form and, of course, functional training. Expect to be coached through exercises using your own bodyweight followed by exercises using kit like sandbells, kettlebells and ViPR – these sessions leave no stone unturned.

Free for members,

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