Five London gyms that will help you get stronger now

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First published: 15 January 2018

Pushing your body to the max just got more interesting with these five London gyms that will help you get stronger now.

Taking your training up a gear isn’t always easy if you go it alone. But luckily, getting stronger in a class setting is a lot easier than it once was. There are so many ways to get your fix in the capital without having to hit the weights room – here are our top 5 ways…

City Strongman at The Foundry

Strongman training hardly seems like the most accessible way to get stronger. But this addictive class based at The Foundry’s gyms in Vauxhall and Old Street is set to change that.

The friendly, welcoming and encouraging atmosphere led by the expert team almost makes you forget what you’re doing – performing yoke carries, farmer’s walks, clean-and-pressing logs and dragging weighted sleds around for 45 minutes. If that all sounds a little scary to you, don’t worry. This class can challenge beginners and strongman vets alike, and the instructors take care to educate and train you up to perfecting the moves – and making the most strength gains as a result. One disclaimer we will give, though – clear your training schedule post-City Strongman for at least a couple of days after your first session. The DOMS is real.

Meta-Row at Metabolic London

Are strength gains are on your agenda but you just can’t seem to shake the need for cardio? Then Meta-Row is the perfect concoction of HIIT, cardio training and metabolic conditioning that is the answer to your prayers. While it doesn’t necessarily focus on the big lifts that focus primarily on strength, we can guarantee you’ll leave each session feeling stronger.

The format is simple, but the workout is far from it. Four minutes on the rowing machine followed by a four-minute circuit, repeated three times. And then, a final round of five minutes of rowing and a five-minute circuit. The rowing is straightforward, but that doesn’t make it any easier. You’re encouraged to hit a certain distance in the time period given, and if you’re as competitive as any of us at WHL, there’ll be no slacking. With heart rate high, you get a super quick rest before moving on to the circuit. This will involve high reps of compound moves like thrusters, burpees and box jumps. The aim is to get through the circuit as many times as possible before the time’s up.

Force at UN1T

Unlike many HIIT offerings out there, Force has a serious focus on getting you stronger. You just might not realise it while you’re trying to catch your breath in this intense workout. Expect to put every muscle group from head to toe through its paces, working on your fitness while you’re at it. At UN1T, their mantra is to train as one, so if you’re not used to lifting heavy, here’s where you’ll find the support and camaraderie to start. You’ll be working with barbells, TRX, kettlebells and more as you try to find the mental strength to make it to halftime. And then? Do it all again.

Strength & Sweat at One LDN

Serious about perfecting those all-important compound lifts? Each session focuses on either the deadlift, squat or press using the barbell, so if you’re unfamiliar with using weights, this class will change that. First, you’ll be coached thoroughly on proper technique, good form and engaging the right muscles to really get the most out of each lift. Then, once that’s been nailed, you hit it hard and load on the weights. The sessions are designed not only to improve your strength but also to help you burn fat, so expect some HIIT thrown in for good measure. A great way to tick both boxes in one session. And with elite instructors like Laura Hoggins (@bicepsandbronzer) and Courtney Fearon (@thehiitman) leading the classes, we’d say gains are a guarantee.

Strength & Conditioning at Sweat by BXR

BXR might be one of the swankiest gyms in London, but when it comes to working out, they don’t mess about. In the Strength & Conditioning studio at BXR, you’ll find a bunch of kit used to boost your total-body strength. Think barbells, TRX and kettlebells.

But it’s not only pushing and pulling the heaviest weights you can manage that’ll get you stronger. Jamie Reynolds – Nike master trainer and strength and conditioning coach to Anthony Joshua – knows this, and that’s why he designed the class to also place focus on endurance and mobility. These two aspects of fitness ensure you have the tools to carry out the movements necessary to build upon your strength, so expect to see your heart rate soar and your body challenged from all angles, too.

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Five London gyms that will help you get stronger now
Pushing your body to the max just got more interesting with these five London gyms that will help you get stronger now.