Get hair like Margot Robbie: stretch-lights the latest hair trend

20 March 2018 by
First published: 20 March 2018

Here’s the lowdown on stretch-lights – the latest hair trend – and a sure-fire way to recreate Margot Robbie’s effortless style.

Everyone’s girl crush, Margot Robbie hasn’t only got a kick-ass attitude and style but she’s got to-die-for locks, and now, thanks to Sam Burnett, Founder of Hare & Bone salon and a frequent creative stylist at LFW shows, you too can try this new hair trend.

What is the stretch-lights hair trend?
The ‘stretch-lights’ hair trend combines baby-lights and highlights giving a soft, shadow effect at the roots and sun kissed ends and is a great look as spring comes around.

Will it work for you?
‘It’s ideal for all hair types, this technique can be adapted to suit any shade or hair type,’ explains Sam. ‘This look is amazing on blondes, in particular, someone who has a natural balayage and is looking for something a bit lighter and new.’

He goes on: ‘It’s a great compromise between having natural depth throughout the hair and being blonde.’ So blondes will be having more fun with this particular hair trend!

How to stand out from the crowd
Tempted to try the stretch-lights trend but don’t want to look like everyone else; the look can be easily personalised explains Sam: ‘The thickness, placement and positioning of the highlights can create a personalised look. The length of the root can also be adapted to create more of a root drag effect.

Get the look
This is turning highlighting on its head, literally! ‘Rather than traditional highlighting methods where colour is applied directly on the roots, stretch-lights are applied from the mid-lengths and ends and are diffused through a brushing upward motion towards the roots for a sun-kissed look,’ says Sam. ‘Think face framing baby-lights and combination highlights with varied thicknesses for an ultra natural finish.’

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