3 things you can do to refresh tired skin

7 May 2015 by
First published: 13 May 2015

 An unhealthy lifestyle will compromise your skin’s ability to be bright and vibrant’

Late nights, bad food choices, too much alcohol and stress can take their toll and affect your skin’s appearance, so we’ve found 3 things you can do to refresh tired skin and glow rom the inside out!

Your body is a temple and should be treated as such! If you provide the right conditions, your skin will – if you do the opposite, you will notice the consequences. An unhealthy lifestyle will compromise your skin’s ability to be bright and vibrant and instead become dull, dry, oily or blemished. Here are three ways you can help rejuvenate and refresh yourself. Not only will your skin benefit, but your overall health and vitality too.

1. Eat well
Your skin is a mirror of your general health, so to give your skin a boost you need to start with how you fuel your body and the food choices you make. (Notice the word ‘choice’!) Fill your fridge with fruits such as papaya, mango and berries – and avocado is superb – and veggies such as spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and peppers. Oily fish (sardines, salmon and trout) and nuts (Brazils and walnuts) are brilliant for skin health. Try to limit white and beige foods found in bags – yes, we’re talking crisps and bread – as these are usually highly processed and full of sugars and skin-leaching ingredients that play havoc with your insulin levels.

2. Exfoliate
To increase blood circulation, use a natural fibre exfoliating cloth to buff away dead skin cells. This will help balance uneven skin tone, keep pores unclogged and speed up your skin’s natural renewal process. Rosewater is an excellent post-exfoliation skin-brightener. It has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, which soothe and calm the skin.

3. Slap on a face mask
Beautiful skin takes a little TLC. Mix 1tsp Manuka honey with half a mashed banana and apply directly to clean skin. Honey is extremely moisturising – especially Manuka, which has medicinal-grade antibacterial properties and contains plenty of antioxidants, which help remove the impurities that lead to tired skin. The banana helps to retain the skin’s water balance. Simply apply, relax for 10 minutes, then wash off with warm water. Your skin will feel soft and fabulous!