New gym: ETHOS

20 April 2017 by
First published: 17 November 2016

The fitness world is continuing to expand with no signs of slowing down. Every day, people are trying out new classes, new workouts and adopting new mindsets. New gym: ETHOS is here to shake things up even further, with a fantastic variety of classes and a unique philosophy to help you transform your body and mind. Prepare to be pushed to your limits, to power through your self doubts and to feel like a whole new you.

ETHOS is the ultimate yoga fitness hybrid studio taking East London by storm. Originally opened in Cambridge by husband and wife duo Dr Theo Koutroukides and Jennifer Hersch, ETHOS is now making its mark in London as a studio dedicated to bringing together the yoga, fitness and science worlds. At ETHOS, they fervently believe that yoga and fitness don’t have to be treated as separate activities. Instead, they can be combined so you can achieve both your fitness goals and a more peaceful state of mind.

The inside scoop

ETHOS is located in East London in the bustling Old Spitalfields Market. Being surrounded by the market gives the studio a really friendly and urban feel. The studio is on the upper level of the market, so you can enjoy a great view of the vast space from the balcony. ETHOS is decked out with all the facilities you could possibly need, including a comfortable seating area, a food bar where you can get your hands on pre- and post-workout juices and three workout rooms for TRX, Cycle and Yoga. The studio is predominantly a shoe-free zone, with the exception of the Cycle room. Going barefoot during a workout can help you strengthen your ankles and gain a better understanding of your body’s balance.

One of the most notable aspects of ETHOS is the temperature of the studio. All of the workout rooms are heated to a warmer temperature than a typical gym, as working out in a warm environment can have many health benefits for your body during exercise – it can activate your sweat glands and rid your body of toxins at a faster rate than normal. It may feel strange at first working out without air conditioning, but your body will acclimatise and reap the benefits.

TRX: tried and tested

The WHL team had the pleasure of taking part in a TRX class at ETHOS, and boy did we get our sweat on! The room was very spacious, which was essential for the exercises undertaken in the class. With our mats laid out underneath the TRX equipment hanging from the ceiling, we were ready and raring to go. There were a couple of screens on the walls with countdowns for the exercises and rest periods. Keeping an eye on the time encouraged us to keep pushing ourselves until the very last second of each rep.

The instructors at ETHOS make the exercises look as easy as pie, but don’t be fooled. Using your entire bodyweight during a workout is very tough. The TRX class consisted of a number of different exercises, including planks, squats, lunges and many more. Not only do you have to focus on executing the exercises correctly, but you also have to maintain good balance and engage your core at all times. Our muscles did feel sore the next day, but the fantastic rush that we felt straight after the class made the pain completely worth it!

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