Five of the best fitness memberships

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First published: 23 January 2018

Five of the best fitness memberships

We all know our fitness routine has a whole lot more chance of sticking if a) it’s convenient and b) it’s varied. Fitness memberships offer just this. Allowing us to browse a wealth of different classes, activities and studios, and usually letting us book and pay in the place, it makes our fitness journeys a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. We take a look at our favourite platforms.


Probably the best known fitness membership is Classpass, home to one of the largest network of classes, studios and trainers. Because its network is so huge (in London alone, the majority of major studios are bookable through Classpass) and its fees so reasonable, it’s no surprise Classpass still remains the go-to fitness membership. Simply choose your location and pick the number of classes you’d like to do a month (three, five or ten). Then go and enjoy multiple fitness classes! Classpass also regularly has deals and special offers on so keep your eyes peeled!


Dubbed the ‘Every Activity Membership’, MoveGB may be young, but its sights are set high. Join for free simply by inputting your email address and location. Then gain access to thousands of activities and thousands of trainers to keep your fitness routine fresh. Search for your perfect workout from over 35,000 activities and over 5,500 venues, book in one click, present your mobile pass when you arrive and get moving! MoveGB has no joining fee, lets you cancel anytime and allows you to visit the same venue as much as you like. What’s not to love?


Whether you’re bored with training alone, or are in need of one more person to make up your new basketball team, SPRYT can help. Pick from 80 sports and activities and connect with new training partners and teammates in your area. Signing up is simple – all you need is a Facebook account. And once you’ve input the sports and activities you’re passionate about (or, to be adventurous, the ones you’re yet to try) you’ll be connected with the like-minded training partners, teammates, coaches and facilities in your area. It’s like Tinder… for fitness fanatics!

Rise Today

Drawing on a similar idea, Rise Today also puts you in touch with the latest fitness classes and studios. Just minus the subscription! The app lets you book a growing number of activities – from yoga and Pilates to tennis courts and gyms – without subscriptions or membership fees. Rise Today understands that schedules are busy and forever-changing. Which is why they want booking to be as easy, quick and simple as possible. Whether you want to find a hidden tennis court in the city, or a nearby yoga class, you’ll find it here!


MINDBODY is a health and wellbeing app allowing you to discover, book and pay for a wealth of fitness and wellness classes near you. The concept may not be new, but a few things set MINDBODY apart. Not only is the interface aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, an in-app class review feature proves super helpful when picking and choosing classes and studios. They’ve also partnered with FitBit to give you real-time results while you workout, a smart partnership which makes choosing your next class that bit easier.

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Five of the best fitness memberships
Fitness memberships make our lives a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. We take a look at our favourite platforms.