Why you should try BoxingYoga

15 August 2017 by
First published: 25 August 2017

Get fighting fit and find your inner zen at the same time! Here’s why you should try BoxingYoga.

What is it?

BoxingYoga was developed by Total Boxer founder Matt Garcia, where it was then pushed further with the help of international contemporary dancer and lifelong yoga practitioner Kajza Ekberg. Kajza collaborated with boxers, yogis, martial artists and physiotherapists to make BoxingYoga the workout that it is today. BoxingYoga is still yoga, but with a twist. Many elements of yoga, such as chanting and the philosophies of yoga, have been taken out and replaced with functional exercises that aim to challenge both your mental and physical strength. Your flexibility, strength and attitude will all be put to the test as you flow through a number of different sequences, some much harder than others. BoxingYoga was created specifically with fighters in mind to help them improve their co-ordination, body awareness, posture and strength when preparing for fights, in addition to helping them recover from injuries at a faster rate.

The highlights

I don’t practise yoga very often, but I really love going to boxing classes, so I was intrigued to find out how the two different exercises would marry together. Total Boxer is an authentic boxing gym based in North London, with a variety of other boxing classes and personal training services on offer. Sometimes when I take part in a yoga class, I copy each pose without really understanding how it’s benefiting me. With BoxingYoga, every single move has a purpose, which made me really focus a lot more on what I was doing. The instructor explained everything clearly as we went along while also ensuring that the sequences flowed smoothly in each of the four stages of the class. We repeated each sequence several times, which meant that you could see yourself making progress in as short a space of time as a few minutes. BoxingYoga definitely puts your body to the test, as it challenges you to work your entire body from head to toe while also maintaining your composure and adopting a calm mindset. I really liked the intensity of the class, as you’re able to reach a calm state of mind while also being put through your paces at the same time.

Hardest bits

Don’t go into this class thinking it’s going to be an easy ride. It’s tough, there’s no doubt about it, but anyone with a competitive streak will relish pushing themselves to stretch that little bit further or to hold their body in tricky positions for slightly longer than usual. BoxingYoga was created with fighters in mind, so if you fancy learning how to train like a fighter, you’ve come to the right place. The great thing about this class is that even though you may struggle at times, you’ll feel the need to return so that you can do better the second, third and fourth time around.

The verdict

BoxingYoga is a really fantastic class to try, whether you’re a seasoned yogi, a regular boxer or just fancy trying out a new fitness class. It caters to all levels, as it’s up to you how far you push yourself. As someone who has a penchant for intense exercise, I would definitely go back to BoxingYoga. I gained a greater appreciation for yoga and came out of the class feeling energised after a full-body workout.

There are three membership choices at Total Boxer:

Pay-as-you-train membership for £99 a year.

Gym membership for £45 a month.

Unlimited membership for £85 a month.

You can also buy class packs at Total Boxer, with single classes starting from £10 a class for Members and £15 for Non-Members.

For more information, visit totalboxer.com.