What happens when you skip a gym session

14 July 2014 by
First published: 17 July 2014

We’ve all experienced that pre-workout moment where all you can think about are the countless reasons why you should give it a miss. But what happens when you skip a gym session?

Here are just a few reasons why it’s time to zap that attitude and focus on the importance of sticking to your gym sessions.

  1. Avoid the snowball effect..

It’s very easy to take the attitude of ‘I’ll just miss this one, but I will go tomorrow so it’s fine’. However often missing one can lead to two and before you know it you have become more in the habit of not going to the gym. It’s important to make your workouts part of your daily routine, something you stick to – like you would with a business meeting. If you skip a workout you are heading on a downward slope, may lose motivation and in the end find it much harder to step back in that gym. Consistency and momentum is key!

  1. Results become much harder to achieve…

We all start working out with a goal in mind, whether it is to lose weight, tone up or get fit. In order to achieve results we need to work hard and stick to a plan. If we start skipping a workout we are halting our progression towards that goal, making it harder to achieve. By sticking to a specific plan and fitness regime we will progress faster and consistently, meaning we will get the results we are after much faster. Remember every single workout is a step towards your goal!

  1. The demotivation and guilt effect..

If we combine points one and two we can see that they both contribute to a decrease in motivation and negative attitude. Missing a workout may produce feelings of guilt, which can then lead you to another dangerous path of laziness and comfort eating. Before you know it you are spending that hour you were supposed to be at the gym, in the pub with a burger and beer, taking you further away from that healthy goal. When we stay on that straight and focused path of exercise and make it part of our routine, we are also more likely to eat wisely and feel better, preventing any guilt and motivating us to continue.

  1. Exercise reduces stress and makes you feel good!

Perhaps one of the most important reasons not to skip a workout is the positive effect it has on you and your body. Exercise is proven to reduce stress, give you energy, help you sleep and give you confidence. It also puts you in a position to be able to enjoy your vices every now and again without feeling guilty, cheat day here we come!

Final word: Keep reminding yourself when you are considering a night off the gym, that every workout contributes positively to your life, whether it makes you feel better physically or mentally (or both!).


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