5 of the Best Instagram live barre workouts

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First published: 18 April 2020

If you love a barre class but you’re missing your fix during lockdown then these are 5 of the Best Instagram live barre workouts for you to do at home.

Barre workouts are a beautiful beast, often focusing on small, brutal movements that have you cursing under your breath as your thighs shake! My pick of 5 of the Best Instagram live barre workouts vary in length – from 30 to 90 minutes, yeah, it hurts – but that 30-minute Instagram Live barre workout makes it a great option for beginners. If you want even more reasons to try a barre workout then this article on why to try barre will leave you wanting to dig out your leotard and leg warmers asap.

No equipment required!
One of my favourite things about barre workouts is that you rarely need any equipment and if you do it’s not hard to come by at home: I mislaid my small 1kg hand weights so I’ve been using two 1 litre Oatly milk cartons instead! And if you don’t have a small soft ball to wedge between your thighs while doing barre work then you can just use a pillow. Easy. Now grab a chair (your barre), there’s no reason not to have a go!

So, onto my pick of 5 of the Best Instagram live barre workouts for you to get your sweat on to.


Psycle is one of my favourite studios in London with a 4-prong offering of barre, spin, yoga and strength classes at its four London studios.

Its Instagram Live barre classes are DAILY! and are led by their barre trainers – one of my faves is the Head of Barre Maria Eleftheriou. She’s got incredible energy, an epic playlist and there is literally no downtime! Her classes flow so, so well, they’re brilliantly choreographed to banging tunes and basically get you to the edge of a quivering wreck and wanting to give up just before you stop and do the other side! If that doesn’t quite sound like your bag then do note that there are modifications for all levels.

Do it!
To do a Psycle Instagram Live Barre Workout just visit Psycle’s Instagram page and click the Live icon or visit their IGTV where they have lots of free videos too. It’s a tricky time for studios at the moment, so if you like their free Instagram Live classes and you’re able to contribute, then please do here.


Another one of my fave studios in London (with a studio also in Manchester), Blok’s trainers deliver well thought out classes to a Beats By Dre collab playlist. Another offering with minimal downtime, the high-energy trainers keep you pushing as hard as you can for the whole workout thanks to the good combo of moves, rep and sets.

Do it
To do an Instagram Live Blok barre workout just visit Blok’s Instagram page and tap the Live button. Its classes have such good soundtracks too, which you can download on spotify afterwards, just hit the BLOKtv in its ‘Highlights’ for the last 24 hours’ classes’ playlists.


Spolier alert: the barre classes are only once a week on Frame’s Instagram Live schedule at the moment but the upbeat, well paced classes are always set to good beats and with the great Frame teachers the London-based studios are famous for. Plus, if you’re into more dance-based workouts, Frame also has some of its other infamous classes on its live schedule, including Frame Rave Live and 80s Aerobic. You know you want to.

Do it
Head to Frame’s Instagram page to do its Live classes. If you like what you see and want more of Frame’s signature classes then its workouts are also available online. The whole workout library, from barre to pilates and HIIT is available from Frame Online from £6 per month for unlimited streaming.


Barrecore is famous for the classic barre classes it runs in its 13 UK-wide studios. An exclusively barre-focussed offering with a royal celebrity following, it was one of the first barre studios to make it in the UK when Californian yoga teacher Niki Rein brought the concept over in 2011.

With classes focussed on high rep isometric movements, stretching and lengthening exercises, it’s known for the ‘thigh burn’ effect! You’ll really have to go for mind over matter at times during a class! YOU CAN DO IT!

Do it
Although Barrecore isn’t doing Instagram Lives daily it is offering daily live workouts on its website and you can try one live class for free here. Or you can get a 2-week free trial of its on-demand classes – and if it’s your bag then keep subscribing for £25 per month. Check out Barrecore’s On-Demand Classes here.


Barre appears on FLY LDN’s timetable a brilliant six days a week, alongside Pilates, Flowlife (dynamic yoga), ‘Chill’ (open-level Yin yoga), ‘Slow Flow’ (mellow flow yoga) and ‘Low Impact’ (you guessed it, low impact strength and conditioning).

The classic mix of high rep, limited rest this 45-minute class will get your heart pumping and your legs burning.

Do it
Follow FLY LDN on its Instagram page and watch its Lives.

Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

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5 of the Best Instagram live barre workouts
Article Name
5 of the Best Instagram live barre workouts
If you love a barre class but you're missing your fix during lockdown then these are 5 of the Best Instagram live barre workouts for you to do at home.
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