Boxing with 12×3 – tried and tested

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First published: 8 November 2017

Boxing with 12×3 – tried and tested

We tried out 12×3 boxing, the premium boxing gym taking elite training to the next level.

What is it?

12×3 Gym began as a passion project between two friends, Darren Barker and Ryan Pickard. They met at Repton Boxing Club in the East End before forging a friendship. They both then went on to achieve great things in the boxing world. Darren became world champion while Ryan captained Repton and England, so it’s safe to say these two are boxing legends in their own right. The gym has taken the authenticity of a traditional boxing gymnasium and combined it with a forward-thinking approach to fitness. Their motto, ‘No Guts No Glory’, tells you everything you need to know about their ethos.

The workout consists of 12 lots of 3-minute bouts of exercise, with 1-minute to rest in between each round. The exercises in the class focus on speed, stamina and strength, with the aim of testing your entire body from head to toe. Our session began with a boxing favourite – skipping. This immediately had us warmed up and on our toes, ready to channel all of our energy into the rest of the workout. Darren and Ryan then took us through a variety of challenging exercises, including running both forwards and backwards while wearing a resistance band attached to the wall. The combination of HIIT exercises and boxing, both on the bags and on the mitts, made this class really enjoyable and highly effective.

The highlights

There’s something so satisfying about strapping on a pair of boxing gloves and punching a bag with all your might. It’s no surprise that the popularity of boxing is on the rise. More and more people are experiencing the euphoria of unleashing their inner warrior. Plus, boxing is a brilliant way to let out any stress or tension that’s been holding you back. There are so many boxing classes available for you to try, but we especially love 12×3 Gym for its old-school, authentic approach. It’s evident that the trainers at this studio know exactly what they’re talking about. They’re not just jumping on a trendy craze – they’re doing what they do best and showing the other boxing studios out there how it’s done. Darren and Ryan have used their personal experiences int the ring to create a workout that will benefit both experienced boxers and beginners.

Hardest bits

12×3 takes no prisoners. This workout is intense and will have you working your butt off from the get-go. Every aspect of the class is designed to challenge your body and mind. By the end of the class, you’ll be panting, sweaty and feeling fantastic. One of the hardest parts of the class was mustering the energy to actually start boxing after a round of HIIT exercises. As easy as it may seem to hit a bag and a pair of mitts, you’re using your entire body to do it. You need power from your legs, quick feet and strength in your upper body. However, the trainers are really great motivators and their encouragement will spur you on to end the class with nothing left to give.

The verdict

This class will definitely fuel your boxing addiction. Not only will you be treated to a full-body workout, but you’ll also learn some useful boxing techniques along the way. 12×3 Gym has taken boxing back to the basics to create an empowering workout. By the time you leave their studio, you’ll feel like a force to be reckoned with.

How to book

A 1-on-1 session costs £75, a 4-on-1 session costs £25 and a 4-week camp costs £250.

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Boxing with 12x3 - tried and tested
We tried out 12x3 boxing, the premium boxing gym taking elite training to the next level.