Five nutrition tips to nail your workout

15 March 2018 by
First published: 4 March 2018

Five nutrition tips to nail your workout

We all know that getting the right fuel for your workouts can seriously ramp up results. But sports nutrition can get seriously confusing, not to mention expensive, time-consuming and downright boring.

Fitness writer and personal trainer Amanda Khouv recently completed Future Fit’s Nutrition for Sports and Exercise course and has cherry-picked the most important tips to take on board if you want to easily reach your fitness goals.

1 Opt for a meal with low-GI carbs two to four hours before working out.
Whole grains like brown rice will release their energy slowly to fuel your whole workout. Be sure to give yourself enough time to fully digest your food – otherwise it’s no good to you.

2 If you’re taking part in endurance exercise that lasts well over an hour, like a long-distance run or cycle, think about topping up your carbs during the workout.
Something easy to consume and digest like a sports drink, gels or raisins can work wonders in giving you that second wind. If your workout is under an hour, you’ll be fine with just water.

3 Two hours following a workout, you have a golden window of opportunity to feed your muscles with high-GI food to replenish your glycogen stores.
During this time, your muscles are most responsive to to absorption so this is worth considering when choosing a post-workout snack.

4 A few hours after your workout, a meal with plenty of protein to aid recovery is a must.
Chicken breast and eggs are great options, or if you’re vegan, try tofu, chickpeas or lentils. And don’t forget your leafy greens, which are packed with vitamins and minerals which will support your immune system and help you get back in the gym for your next session.

5 Hydration is key to performing well, but water should be on your radar way before your workout starts.
Your body should be well hydrated prior to a workout and throughout the day, so that you’re not guzzling huge amounts of fluid while also trying to get your personal record for most burpees in a minute – trust us, the two don’t mix!

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