Winter exercise: how to make it through the final weeks

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First published: 5 February 2018

Winter exercise: how to make it through the final weeks

Training in the winter can be a challenge, and as we reach the final leg of the cold snap, you’d be forgiven if your motivation levels are dropping more than ever. Whether you’ve dropped off a little since the new year, or you never quite got back into training after Christmas, we’re here to help! Our seven tips will keep you consistent and get your goals on track.

Plan your workout

Preparation is key. Week by week, make a note of what you are planning to do at the gym, how far you are going to run, or how many lengths you will swim. Add progress goals to each session to ensure you’re improving and constantly pushing yourself further. This is also a great way to spend less time procrastinating and more time taking action.

Take part in classes

If your gym has classes, then get involved. If your friend is taking part in a local bootcamp then make it your aim to tag along. You could even sign up for ClassPass, which allows you to join in on loads of different classes in your area so you don’t get bored!

Make a workout date

‘Sweat dates’ are becoming increasingly popular ways to socialise, but they also keep you committed to working out. You’ll find yourself more likely to exercising in winter if you have already made plans with someone to work out with. You wouldn’t cancel plans made with friends for coffee, so why should exercise be less of a priority?


Take style notes

Treating yourself to new workout clothes can be a massive motivator. Not only are you going to look fabulously fit but you’ll feel pretty fly, too. Whether it’s a new pair of running shoes, a fancy fitness tracker or pair of new headphones, let’s get those endorphins flowing in style.

Gym gear at the ready

When it’s dark and cold outside, the last thing you want to do when you get out of bed in the morning is put together an outfit, too. Make it easy on yourself and have your workout clothes ready the night before. That way, you can just jump into your workout kit without having to think about anything else.

Keep track

Tracking your progress can help you push through the final weeks of winter. Keep an eye on your progress, take notes on the times when you’ve lacked motivation and other times when you felt like a complete fitness boss. Once you notice a pattern, make those necessary changes to keep moving forward. The progress will keep you motivated.

Mix up your workout

Has the spark died out between you and your regular way of working out? It happens. Now’s the time to try something new. Challenging your body in new ways can also help with results, keeping you out of a plateau. Win win!

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Winter exercise: how to make it through the final weeks