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20 April 2017 by
First published: 1 July 2016

Want to make those summer cycles a little more exciting? Enter our competition to win a cycling bundle and you could do just that.

Now that the summer months are upon us (or so we’ve heard!) we bet more and more of you are getting out and about on your bike. These cycling goodies should help make your ride a little safer and more exciting…

Cycle Alert Cycle Tag

Cycling is a great way to get around but we all know how risky it can be at times, especially during rush hour. So ensure your safety with this handy little device. Simply attach it to your bike and as you cycle the sensor will transmit to nearby vehicles and lorries to alert them of your presence. You never have to worry about being hidden from the big guys again…

Fit Tribe Huggle Bottle

Cycling is an awesome way to get your cardio fix. If you’re out for a strenuous ride, make sure you stay hydrated while on the move with Fit Tribe’s water bottle. Hydration is always key when you’re exercising, but it’s even more important in the summer months when the sun is (hopefully) shining.

SASS Protection Barrier Cream

Saddle sore – who needs it? SASS Protection Barrier Cream was created especially for us girls’ intimate areas to reduce friction and provide relief. A must if you experience chafing out on your rides.

Buff Headband

Don’t let your locks block your vision out on the road. The clever people behind this headband have designed it using Outlast technology, ensuring it absorbs, stores and releases heat when necessary. This ensures great humidity control for those stuffier days. Its bright colour and reflective logo also mean you’ll be seen on the roads.

She Protein

Cycling can be hard work, that’s why we’re well on board with this lovely little pouch to store shots of protein for when you’re on the go. This delicious strawberry flavour is only 24 calories per shot.

Nelsons Arnica Cooling Gel

Find yourself getting tired and heavy legs after a session on the bike? Well Nelsons have the answer with their Arnica Cooling Gel designed to cool and soothe the skin. Use it by massaging into sore muscles post-cycle and really feel the benefits of the cooling menthol and medicinal arnica.

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