Winter skincare tips

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First published: 2 November 2017

Winter skincare tips

Maintain a glowing complexion this winter with our winter skincare tips.

Winter is a beautiful time of year. There’s nothing more refreshing than a bright, blue sky on a crisp winter’s day. However, the cold temperatures can cause havoc for your skin. We know you’d like to make the most of the festive period. With that in mind, we’ve put together our top winter skincare tips to keep your complexion in tip-top condition.

The problem: dry skin

Enjoying the cold air can boost your energy, but it can also dry out your skin. Of every part of your body, your face is most the likely to be the most exposed during winter months.

The solution

As with any time of year, drinking lots of water is vital, but never more so than when it comes to dishing out winter skincare tips Ensuring that you’re hydrated will do your body a whole lot of good from the inside out. You should also invest in a moisturiser that’s suited to your skin type – for example, if you typically have oily skin, opt for a moisturiser that’s been designed specifically to support your complexion.

The problem: chapped lips

Nobody likes having chapped lips. It’s so unpleasant having to deal with lips that are sore, inflamed and dry. But, it’s a common affliction that many people have to deal with around this time of year. However, even though many of us will experience dryness, it can be dealt with easily.

The solution

Always make sure you have some moisturising lip balm to hand whenever your lips are in need of much-needed moisture. Most crucially, don’t lick your lips! As tempting as it is when they’re dry, it’ll only make them worse.

The problem: red nose

We’re all at risk of becoming Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer when winter comes around. According to, there’s a simple reason for this. When you’re cold, your body redirects blood flow from extremities, such as your nose, to internal organs. Your body then allows for a brief burst of blood flow where the blood vessels have periodically been constricted, which causes your nose to turn red.

The solution

If your nose is red as a result of a rush of blood flow, the easiest thing to do would be to let it disappear in its own time. However, just like your lips, your nose could also be chapped from the cold. In that case, make sure that you’re using tissues that are gentle on your skin, or you could make it even worse. Using Vaseline will also help soothe a sore nose.

The problem: flaky skin

Dry skin’s one thing, but having to manage flaky skin during winter is just annoying. No one wants to have to go about their day worrying that the skin on their face is flaking off randomly. If your skin has reached flaking point, it may be worth rethinking various aspects of your daily skincare regime.

The solution

Some people may instinctively reach for a heavy foundation to mask flaky skin. However, this is the last thing you should do. Caking make-up on will only make things worse. Give your skin the gentle treatment, with products that will help skin heal. Try a three-step approach – buy a gentle cleanser, exfoliate your skin and then moisturise. And take a break from the make-up or try a tinted moisturiser for a few days.

The problem: dry hands

Unfortunately for some, wearing gloves may not be enough to prevent the skin on your hands from going dry during winter. This is because it’s not just the outdoor weather that’s drying out the skin on your hands. Indoor heating also plays a role, not to mention frequent hand washing.

The solution

Moisturise both before and during the time your skin has dried up. The best solution is prevention, so if you can provide your skin with the moisture it needs before there’s a problem then that’s ideal. When it comes to choosing a hand cream, dryer hands need creams with a richer texture. If you suffer from issues like eczema, consult with a doctor or dermatologist before committing to a hand cream.

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Winter skincare tips
Maintain a glowing complexion this winter with our winter skincare tips.