The winter make-up looks we love

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First published: 18 December 2017

The winter make-up looks we love

Winter is coming, and with it a whole host of new make-up looks to add to your seasonal beauty routine. Winter is party time – so expect smoke, shimmer and statement makeup in abundance. From the classic dark lip to the InstaBrow, there’s a look for everyone this season. Here are the winter make-up looks we love!

The rosy cheek

Sometimes simple is best, which is why freelance make-up artist and founder of Lovegrove Essentials Hayley De Beers is championing the rosy cheek this winter. ‘I love the look of rosy cheeks in the winter!’ she says. ‘Create a subtle daytime look using an illuminating base – try Laura Mercier illuminating tinted moisturiser (£34, – and a bubblegum-coloured cream blusher. Lots of brands do a two-in-one cheek and lip stick so you can double up. I like the lip and cheek stains from Benefit – Posietint (£25.50, in particular. Finish the look with liquid liner and mascara in black or plum, to brighten and define your eyes.’

Not only is this look super simple and understated, it can also easily be taken from desk to dancefloor in seconds. ‘The best thing about a look like this is that it’s super easy to add more for the evening,’ Hayley says. ‘Try a bolder or darker lip and add a little more liner.’

The classic smokey eye

The timeless classic, the smokey eye, is yet again set to be a hot trend this wintertime. With its cool ashy tones and dark, dramatic effect, it’s the perfect statement look for party season. But while it may be a classic, it’s by no means easy to achieve. Unless you’ve got Hayley Sparkes, make-up artist from, on board to walk you through the steps. Her first tip? Use an eye primer! ‘A really important step is to prime the eyelid. This will give your eyeshadow something to stick to, and will also make the eye shadow pigment much stronger,’ she says. ‘I recommend MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (£16, I like to apply a thin layer and blend with the warmth of my finger tip.’

Next up, the eyeshadow. ‘The next step is to apply your chosen eyeshadow shades,’ Hayley says. ‘I usually start with a light highlight colour in a champagne or light beige shade and apply to the inner corner of the eyes, the inner corner of the eye lids and on the brow bone. Apply a mid shade to the centre of the eye lid and take my darkest shade into a triangle on the outer corner and into the socket line. Apply a thin layer of eyeshadow using a fine angled brush, underneath the lower lash line and smudge. Take a clean fluffy brush, and blend together all the eyeshadow colours on the eye lid. Use little circular motions to diffuse the colours. To finish apply a thin layer of black gel eyeliner to the top lash line, and apply a set of false lashes. I recommend the lashes from The Vintage Cosmetic Company.’

The InstaBrow

It’s bold, we’ll admit, but the InstaBrow can make for a dramatic winter make-up look. It can also help shape and frame your face better. ‘From feathered to squiggle brows, Instagram is rife with the newest, hard to re-create “InstaBrow” trends,’ says A-list make-up artist Dani Guinsberg. She recommends using the Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler (£23.99, to make achieving the look a whole lot easier.

‘In order to create this eyebrow look, I would advise drawing in the exact wavy eyebrow shape that you would like to achieve with a dark eyeliner pencil all over your natural brow and filling the shape in,’ Dani says. ‘Next, take your Precision Styler with the smaller head and trim off any surrounding hair so as to leave only the wavy eyebrow shape. Once all the stray hairs have been trimmed to perfection, clean the brow and check the shape is how you would like it. You may need to deepen the colour of your natural brow using an eyebrow powder to really help exaggerate this look.’

The classic dark lip

There’s a reason classic looks don’t go out of fashion, and the dark lip is no exception. Timeless and striking, it adds instant, easy drama to any party look. ‘A strong lip and full natural lashes with glowing skin is my go to winter look,’ explains beauty therapist and founder of Mimosa Beauty Jennie Lawson. But how can we achieve it? ‘For lips, first exfoliate them with a gentle facial scrub. This will clear off any dead skin cells and will help makeup sit well,’ Jennie advises. ‘Also use a great primer, but on your lips. Then top with a lip liner and finish with your lipstick. Try and stick to a moisturising lip colour to keep your lips looking luscious and full.’

Before you reach for the fake lashes to top off the look, Jennie recommends trying a lash growth serum to pump your natural lashes instead. ‘Revitalash lash growth serum is vital for achieving long, healthy beautiful lashes,’ she says. ‘Put it on at night like an eyeliner and it will work deep down into the lash follicles to achieve long and healthy lashes. Using a lash primer will also help to set your mascara. Top with a good quality mascara in classic black.

The Dark Angel

Winter might be synonymous with the smokey eye, but Estrella Corral, brand manager and make-up artist at Lola Make Up, has put a modern twist on the classic this winter. Called Dark Angel, it sees black metallic eyes pair with an ombre lip for the ultimate party look. ‘Dark Angel is a captivating look representing a modern femme fatale,’ Estrella says. ‘It focuses on expressive blackened metallic eyes combined with an ombre lip to create a modern and edgy aesthetic. I created this look so all eyes are on you this Christmas time.’

So how do we do it? ‘Create a dark crease from the inner corner of the eye to the outer socket line and softly blend in a slightly lighter eyeshadow over the eyelid to highlight and create shape,’ explains Estrella. ‘Contour the cheekbones, nose and temples for a sculpted effect and dust highlighter over the bridge of the nose and the top of the cheekbones.’ If you haven’t tried an ombre lip before, fear not, Estrella makes it easy. ‘Line the lips with a dark berry hue to create the start of the ombre effect,’ she says. ‘Blend a high-shine lipstick on the outer corners of the lips and finish with a touch of nude gloss in the centre.’ To find the products Estrella uses head to

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The winter make-up looks we love
From the classic dark lip to the InstaBrow, there's a look for everyone this season. Here are the winter make-up looks we love!