Why you should be having more sex

24 August 2017 by
First published: 30 April 2015

‘Sex is great for getting your blood pumping, allowing oxygen to be delivered more efficiently to all areas of the body’

If glowing skin is on your wish list, here’s why you should be having more sex (as if you need ANOTHER reason…).

We all know about the muscular perks, but getting jiggy has a number of hidden benefits for skin health. Research conducted in 2013 by Dr David Weeks, clinical psychologist and former head of old-age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, found that regular sex can make you look younger – and that older women with active sex lives can appear five to seven years younger than their actual age. Pretty impressive, right?

Smooth talking

Fine lines are an inevitable part of ageing, but if warding off premature wrinkles is a priority, ditch those expensive lotions and potions and spend more time between the sheets. ‘We all know that working up a sweat in the gym gives your circulation a boost,’ says editor of escentual.com, Emma Leslie. ‘Well, the same applies to workouts in the bedroom! Sex is great for getting your blood pumping, allowing oxygen to be delivered more efficiently to all areas of the body.’

Improving circulation to your skin can help to hone radiant, younger skin by flushing away built-up toxins from deep within your pores. ‘The benefit of better oxygenated blood is a great big boost of energy, which has a huge effect on your overall wellbeing, while giving your skin a really fresh and flattering glow,’ adds Emma.

And there’s more…

Dry skin problems? Sex could actually be the solution to dull, flaky skin by helping to balance the hormones that keep skin plump and dewy. Who knew? ‘Sex increases the production of oestrogen, which is responsible for improving skin elasticity and dryness,’ maintains sexpert Samantha Evans.

That’s not all. Regular sex can help to beat breakouts and clear up skin woes by regulating levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which keeps inflammation in check. ‘Having sex can improve insomnia and promote better sleep, explains Samantha. ‘Skin naturally repairs itself during sleep, and people who are stressed or sleep deprived tend to be prone to more spot outbreaks.’

Sex also makes us feel good about ourselves: ‘When you feel good, this is reflected in the way you look: not just in your skin but your demeanour and confidence,’ says Samantha. So, what are you waiting for?