Why we love #GirlGains

20 April 2017 by
First published: 1 July 2016

Here’s why we love #GirlGains…

Would you like to feel empowered? Do you need a little bit of extra motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle? The #GirlGains campaign, created and led by fitness Instagrammers Tally Rye, Victoria Spence and Zanna Van Dijk, is doing just that for women everywhere. You can join in the online community, meet other women at the events and learn so much about nutrition, exercise and what you’re made of!

We spoke to Tally, who told us all about the inspiration behind #GirlGains: ‘We passionately believe that living a healthy lifestyle of moderation and balance is key to happiness, and can have a huge knock-on effect to all aspects of your life. Working out and eating well gives you energy, confidence and discipline to go and get the things you truly want in life.’

Recently, social messaging app Yubl sponsored #GirlGains to take part in a Sport Relief challenge. Zanna, Vic and Tally helped raise money for charity by leading a flash mob fitness session in Manchester, which involved Yubl users voting and deciding on what they would do in their challenge. This is just one example of the impression the movement’s made since it started as a hashtag. And here’s even more reasons why we love #GirlGains!

It started as a hashtag

The #GirlGains movement started simply as a hashtag, created by Zanna, Vic and Tally. The three fitspos met through Instagram and quickly became close friends. After the hashtag #GirlGains became popular, with over 50,000 posts on social media, Zanna, Tally and Vic decided to take it further and turn into something bigger. It just goes to show how great an impact you can have if you start off small!

 But now has a huge online community

All of the women who make up the amazing #GirlGains online community are the reason why more and more people are catching on and joining in. #GirlGains is all about supporting each other and making new friends with similar health and fitness goals to your own. What better motivation is there to feel great yourself when a host of others are always there to lift your spirits? That’s why we love it so much – it’s not just about improving yourself, but also being there to help your friends achieve their aims at the same time.

 You can join in the events

Zanna, Vic and Tally decided to take the #GirlGains movement a step further by introducing events for the entire community to take part in. The events range from small gatherings to massive get-togethers where you can meet hundreds of others who are part of the #GirlGains community. These events take place on a monthly basis, so there’s no excuse not to put the date in your diary way in advance. Bonding with people with common interests is an incredible thing, but how fantastic is it to have the chance to meet them face-to-face?

 It’s for all abilities, knowledge and experience

Zanna, Vic and Tally each have completely different stories as to how they became the fitspos they are today. Zanna used to know very little about health and fitness and lived an unhealthy lifestyle, Vic recovered from an eating disorder and is now a successful bikini competitor and Tally transformed herself from being overweight to fit and healthy. All of them know the struggle of trying to achieve a goal that may seem impossible, but definitely isn’t. #GirlGains caters for all women, no matter their fitness levels or experience. If in doubt, join and see for yourself!

 #GirlGains is inspirational for women everywhere

One of the main focuses of the #GirlGains movement may be about becoming fitter and healthier, but at it’s core, its most important aim is to spread a positive message to all women to embrace themselves for who they are. Becoming a part of it will make you feel empowered, happy and motivated to lead the healthy lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. Hundreds of women have already discovered the benefits for themselves, so don’t miss out!

Check out the website, girlgains.co.uk/, for information about how you can join the movement, for details about upcoming events and links to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.