Q&A with Nicola Elliott, founder of Neom Organics

20 April 2017 by
First published: 7 August 2016

With a staggering 9 out of 10 of us suffering with stress, team WHL met Q&A with Nicola Elliott, founder of Neom Organics to find out about how she’s on a mission to improve the wellbeing of women.


What was the inspiration for Neom?

Back when I was working as a magazine journalist, I was working crazy 60-hour weeks. My moods were all over the place and the fast-paced life really took its toll. I was feeling constantly anxious and stressed. And it wasn’t just me. I was surrounded by women who were really stressed – they were either having problems with lack of energy or sleeping badly, or were just generally in need of a mood boost. I had started training as an aromatherapist and nutritionist after work, so I started creating little essential oil blends and tinctures for them – and they really worked!


How important do you think wellbeing is?

I think it’s incredibly important, but sadly I think women aren’t making enough time for their own wellbeing. With the right Neom products and lifestyle, you can feel good every day. Whether it’s a deeply calming bath to bring down stress levels or a positivity-boosting candle, it really is easy to incorporate these essential routines into your daily life. Taking time out, and looking after yourself is definitely not a luxury, it’s a necessity.


What do you think is the best way to combat stress?

What’s really important is to make time for yourself, even if it’s just five minutes a day to practice some mindfulness, read a book, practice yoga – whatever makes you happy! If you don’t make time for yourself you simply won’t be firing on all cylinders for your family, your friends, and for yourself.


What’s the most popular product?

Our Perfect Night Sleep Pillow Mist is a top seller. It’s a wonderfully relaxing mist, specially formulated to help you prepare for restful sleep. It includes 14 of the purest possible essential oils that continue to release into the night as you sleep.  It features lavender, jasmine, chamomile and patchouli – it’s so potent, it should come with a warning, not to use until you’re actually ready to go to sleep!


What was the idea behind the Neom wellbeing board?

The Neom Wellbeing Board is a team of 11 holistic health specialists. They’re experts in fields such as mindfulness, sleep, fitness, nutrition, psychology and much more, and really help us provide a support system to our customers on getting the best night’s sleep, relieving stress, boosting energy, lifting mood and techniques to teach the body and mind to relax. We have also created a Neom Wellbeing Magazine so we can share their wisdom with everyone!


How does your range work on the mind/body?

I am passionate about creating scent to make you feel good so we create beautiful fragrances that smell amazing but actually have a true therapeutic benefit on your wellbeing. There’s a real science behind each and every one of our bespoke Neom blends, and we use only the purest possible essential oils, to help you get a better night’s sleep (quality and quantity), relieve stress, boost energy or lift mood.


We see you practice mindfulness. Can you tell us the benefits?

Mindfulness meditation can be described as paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the moment. I think we are all so busy rushing around and doing ‘things’, without us really taking notice of our surroundings.


What do you think is the biggest enemy to wellbeing?

I think there is a common misconception that ‘wellbeing” is something that takes a lot of time out of your day, when in fact it is the most simple things that can help you manage your wellbeing. Using our Energy Boosting Body Wash in the morning makes your shower work twice as hard, or taking five minutes at lunchtime to go outside for some fresh air, have a spritz of our De-stress On the Go Mist. It’s little adjustments to your daily routine that can make a big difference.


What do you think is the biggest cause of stress for women today and how can we combat it?

We need to quit beating ourselves up about everything and comparing ourselves with other women. But I do think we need to take some time for our mental health. I fear for women because I think we are particularly bad at that. As a woman, it’s about cutting yourself some slack and trying to make the everyday a little bit more luxurious.


What do you think the secret is to living a more balanced and happy life?
I don’t think there’s a big secret, it’s about taking the time to enjoy the things that make you happy. I like to do a little exercise a few times a week, I try to eat healthily mostly but I also don’t deprive myself of alcohol or treats! I spend as much time with my family and friends as I can and I work hard – it’s all about the balance!