5 ways to stay healthy on the weekend

13 October 2015 by
First published: 16 October 2015

If you’re anything like the team at WHL HQ, you’ll agree that sticking to a healthy agenda when the weekend hits can be tough. But we reckon you can have all the Friday to Sunday fun times without falling (too hard) off the bandwagon of virtue. Check out our weekend goals and see if you can find the balance with us.


Eat an awesome breakfast on Sat and Sun

The best thing about healthy breakfasts? They’re usually filling! Healthy does not have to mean frugal when it comes to brekkie. Plus, the weekend gives you loads of time to prepare a real feast. We’re big fans of an avocado and poached egg on toast combo! Need some inspo? Check out our cardamom and chia breakfast bowl recipe, breakfast pancake recipe and avocado egg cups recipe.


Plan active fun
Need to pop to the shops to grab milk/eggs/dinner? Grab your trainers and go for a little run or hop on your bike. It’ll wake you up and set you on a healthy course for the rest of the day. Meeting up with friends? Try suggesting an activity instead of the usual lunch/brunch/pub meet up. We’re big fans of a catch up over along walk, game of tennis or cycle adventure.


Aim to go a whole weekend without a hangover
Our calorie count tends to rocket come Friday evening drinks. But we reckon giving yourself a limit on the boozing front can help to keep you on the straight and narrow. A two or three drink limit usually does it for us, but do what works for you. And enjoy waking up hangover-free the next day!


Book into an amazing restaurant
Great restaurants usually have great healthy options on the food front. OK, it’s Saturday so we’re not suggesting you opt for the chicken salad. But if you book yourself in somewhere nice you can opt for tasty meat and veggie dishes without being distracted by the lure of takeaways and pizza come Saturday night.


Get your cook on

Staying in? Take the opportunity to cook up some delicious healthy dishes and expand your culinary repertoire. Need some inspo? Check out our lamb kebabs recipe, steak and little gem chimichurri recipe and lemon marinated barbecue chicken recipe.