5 ways to ease PMS

20 April 2017 by
First published: 16 October 2016

Being a woman isn’t always easy. But at least here’s 5 ways to ease PMS. As according to a recent survey by Efamol, 85 per cent of women suffer from some form of PMS or its related symptoms. In fact, these results also showed that women are taking more than six million days off work every year and friendships are being jeopardised, social lives ruined and relationships pushed to breaking point because of Mother Nature’s monthly gift.

So if you need to make your ‘time of the month’ feel less dramatic than a reality TV show, then you are in luck! Put down that tub of ice cream, draw open the curtains and check out our top 5 way to ease PMS.



In the survey by Efamol (conducted on 2,000 women), the poll showed that four in 10 admitted their PMS symptoms affected their daily lives so much that they called in sick at least once a year. And one in 20 women had taken six or more days off during the past 12 months thanks to the monthly monster.

Although it may be the last thing you want to do when your stomach feels like a punch bag, keeping your body active can make a big difference to both your mental and physical state. Dopamine – a chemical that gives us that happy, pleasurable feeling – is released in the brain after exercise, so you can quickly feel better by taking yourself for a quick stroll, or if you are feeling brave then head to the gym for some light cardio. Any excuse to wear leggings and sweatpants, right?


Talk about it

According to Efamol’s nationwide survey, 45 per cent of women say they are too embarrassed to talk about PMS, believing they don’t think their partner wants to know about it – labelling it ‘women’s stuff.’ Dr Dawn Harper says: ‘it’s obvious from the survey that there are many women out there suffering in silence every month from PMS symptoms. These symptoms are not only affecting their work life, but also their relationships.’  So treat it how you would with any other problem – express your feelings face to face. Leave out the gruesome details, but pointing out the basics and openly talking about what’s affecting you will help to lift a weight off from your shoulders, and improve communication within your relationship as well.



You’ll be pleased to know that plenty of rest and sleep is required for women suffering from PMS, however, that’s easier said than done. Taking it easy can be hard while juggling work, family, social life and relationships on a daily basis. When you do have time to wind down, instead of heading to the kitchen cupboards, make a conscious effort to reduce your stress levels by meditating, practice deep breathing, have a massage, do yoga, read your favourite magazine or simply write in a journal.


Balance hormones naturally

Taking food supplements has many health benefits, but did you know that some could even help to control hormone levels? Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil has been proven to help support women through some of the debilitating symptoms associated with PMS, and remains one of the most trusted food supplements for women due to its multiple benefits. The high essential fatty acid content means it’s able to support overall hormonal balance in the body. Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil is available for £9.99 (for 30x1000mg capsules) from Boots.


Switch up your diet

There’s no denying that when us women are on our period we tend to crave chocolate or ice cream by the bucket load. By all means it’s good to give into those cravings a little, but remember that sticking to a healthy diet of mixed fruit and vegetables can help regulate your iron levels. And to avoid emotional eating, eat regular meals and snacks throughout the day. If you’re feeling blue from PMS, just remember that skipping a meal will only make you feel more irritable, as blood sugar levels will plummet. No one likes to be ‘hangry’!