5 ways to boost gym motivation

10 March 2015 by
First published: 17 March 2015

Need a little extra encouragement to get yourself exercising? Here are 5 ways to boost gym motivation.

1. Think positive

Looking in a mirror, mentally listing the problem areas and trying to combat them with the gym is harbouring negativity. Writing down all the benefits of the gym, however, will reinforce positivity, make it real and give you focus and drive, instead.

2. The sound of music

Create a playlist of inspiring tunes that’ll keep you training hard. There’s nothing worse than being stopped in your tracks by a slow tune while running on a treadmill. A study by Brunel University found listening to music can increase endurance by 15%. It has to be music at 120-140 beats per minute for maximum effect but my studies show (scientifically unproven) if you like it – listen to it! Music can raise you up Westlife-style meaning you train harder and longer. Personal faves to throw in the mix are the Rocky theme tune or obvs the JLS classic Club is Alive.

3. Climb every mountain

Set yourself a goal giving meaning and purpose to your gym sessions. It doesn’t have to be to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro – try a 10k race, triathlon, ultrathon, duathlon, marathon… #anython!

4. Forever young

As we’ve left our teenage years behind (some of us a long time ago!) what better motivation to getting in the gym than the fact that exercise can keep you young? Exercise can improve brain function, boost muscle mass, strengthen bones, improve balance and stability and basically make you look and feel younger.

5. I have confidence

Own your energy and feel confident from the moment you step foot in that gym. Wear clothing that gives you confidence in your workout and makes you feel good. The gym should not be a chore – embrace it and every now and then reward yourself for your fabulous efforts – not with cake but with a Mesh With Me Tank from Lululemon or a bright pink Shock Absorber sports bra from LessBounce.com.