5 reasons why you need a yoga retreat

20 April 2017 by
First published: 15 October 2016

Ever wondered if a yoga break is for you? Here’s 5 reasons you need a yoga retreat in your life. Maybe you’re tempted yet worried that it might not be for you, or perhaps the idea’s new and you’re curious to find out more. Either way, we’ve got five reasons why a yoga retreat is a great idea.

  1. You’ll slow down, switch off and relax

We often find ourselves leading fast-paced lives where we rush around with barely a moment to breathe, let alone switch off and relax. But it’s important to take time to stop, and for yoga teacher Kelly Brooks a retreat can be the perfect solution. ‘You’ll have a chance to switch off from technology, away from the city and start listening to what’s going on inside.’ Getting away from it all is also a great opportunity to do more of the good stuff. ‘Talk to new people, catch up on that book you’ve been desperate to read, look up at the stars, take a walk in nature, listen to music, or write in a journal – do the things we never have time to in our everyday lives,’ suggests Kelly. Bliss!


  1. You’ll develop your practice

If you’re anything like us it can be tricky to fit in even one yoga class a week, making regular practice a challenge. Kelly explains the problem with this is that an ad hoc practice: ‘doesn’t give the body time to process in our everyday lives. A yoga retreat offers a slower pace – doing yoga twice a day is usually more than you do in an average week, so you’ll notice a massive difference at the end of the retreat. It’ll take your yoga to a new level, and you’ll see the benefits of integrating it into a daily routine rather than just weekly.’ Slowing down and taking time can really develop your practice.


  1. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of yoga

As well as doing more yoga, a retreat also gives you the opportunity to learn more about the practice itself. Kelly explains: ‘you’ll have a teacher to ask questions to after the session and to get more understanding about the philosophy of yoga and a deeper understanding about this ancient art. When I teach at yoga retreats I know that people are asking for more information than I can give in a one-hour class, so I bring in a deeper level of yoga in the movement for people, but also in the history.’ The more you understand yoga, the more you’ll get from it.


  1. You’ll eat nourishing food

There are a lot of myths around yoga retreats, especially about the food! Blogger Beki Cadd is quick to put this one to bed, enthusing about the delicious home cooked food she’s enjoyed on retreats. Typically, the diet is veggie, which Beki explains: ‘will make you feel healthier and teach you that you probably don’t need to eat all the packet meals and meat that may be in your diet because of convenience. You may learn a new recipe to take home with you, or discover that you actually do like courgette after all these years.’


  1. You’ll meet new people, try new things and have fun

Trying anything new is an adventure, and both Kelly and Beki agree that a yoga retreat is a great place to meet new people who share your interests (yoga!) and are lovely and chilled (yoga!). Making new friends and learning something new. What could be better? In fact, you might not just learn yoga, Kelly’s learned everything from how to fishtail plait to juggling at her retreats.