3 reasons to try Pilates

25 March 2015 by
First published: 27 March 2015

If you haven’t yet got on board, here are 3 reasons to try Pilates. We chatted to awesome teacher Naomi Costantino from East of Eden (edeneast.co.uk) and asked her why you should give it a go. We’ve got to say, her reasons are pretty convincing…

1. ‘Pilates elongates and strengthens the spine.’

Bad posture can make you shrink by at least a few inches and, let’s face it, make you feel less confident as a result. By contrast, learning to stand tall can make you look longer, leaner and brimming with self-assurance – we’re sold!

2. ‘It helps boost your core strength.’

A strong core is essential for pretty much any sport out there, so if you want to smash that 10K, excel on the playing field, win in the boxing arena or ace that cycling time trial, Pilates is your new BFF. Plus it’ll give you a great set of abs to show off…

3. ‘It promotes calm and concentration’

Pilates teaches you to control your breath, which is is a great life skill as it can help to keep you calm and measured as well as energise and invigorate you. Good breath control can also help you to maintain focus. So, that promotion you’ve set your sights on? In the bag.