The sport brands you need to know about

20 April 2017 by
First published: 25 May 2016

We love to spot a trend before anyone else! And here are the sport brands you need to know about right now.  And with the fitness world blooming, there’s plenty out there to get you feeling inspired and motivated. We’re not talking about the classic big-name sports brands, because, sure you can rely on them, but there are also plenty of other sports brands out there that are hitting the mark by really tailoring down to different styles and needs. Here are some of the sports brands that are doing it big, right under your nose!


Founded by Meg He and Nina Faulhaber, Aday is everything that is stylish about sportswear – all with the intention of making you look good wherever you are. Whether you’re in the gym, at yoga, with friends, or even on a date, everything is designed with a fashionable flare. It’s for the busy woman; smart and needing to get things done. Trust us: whatever you decide to put on by ADAY will definitely do all the talking.


ZVD x Sports Philosophy

More than just a brand, Sports Philosophy is all about pushing you through boundaries and being creative, but most importantly it has a commitment to stopping child labour. Teaming up with Fitness Blogger Zanna Van Dijk in making fashionable designs for women, these Italian fabrics are made with UV protection and recycled polyamide, and have a light compression fit to assist your blood flow. So while hitting your workout in these fabrics, your athletic performance will certainly be improved.



Designed in California and crafted in London, Varley’s designs have a touch of London style but with the ease of California. You’ll feel confident and stylish in this gear. Check out the mesh leggings or the Ashland Marble hoodie – made with a fabric to moderate your body temperature. Here’s an appealing brand that’s contemporary and cool.

Every second counts

British-designed and made for every woman no matter what your level of fitness – this brand is all about supporting your health and fitness journey in every moment. Every second counts creates “feel- good” active-wear to get you going. You’ll want to add to your wardrobe with these stylish garments.


You couldn’t get a more glamorous, edgy active wear than this. Daquïni is all about the luxurious, fashionable garments but with the elements of being functional and comfortable. Every design has a feminine touch and a unique appearance. See the Metrix bra or Orbis shorts to understand what we mean. Either way, having this as part of your active wear is sure to make an impression and really boost your confidence.