5 things only early birds know

7 October 2015 by
First published: 23 June 2015

Getting up at 6am to work out may sound like something you would only do if you had a gun to your head, but these 5 things only early birds know will fill you with motivation to set your alarm tonight.
Even if you are naturally a lark, the struggle is real when it comes to committing to an early-morning workout. Putting on your kit and breaking a sweat can be challenging at any time of the day, but there are lots of benefits to taking on a morning session. You’ll free up your evenings, feel more alert throughout the day and quickly get used to (and even enjoy) the routine of an early exercise session.
If you haven’t tried squeezing in your workouts in the morning, it might be just what you need to start seeing results.

1. It’s oh so quiet…
The gym is so peaceful in the mornings, particularly on Fridays. There aren’t many people around so you can have a workout without waiting for equipment or having to dodge people stretching or doing their abs workouts. Having free rein means you’ll actually save time, making your workout more efficient and intense by cutting down rest/waiting time between sets.

2. A bad day won’t get in the way
When your days get hectic, exercise usually takes a back seat. Getting your workout over and done with in the morning means you’ll never miss a session. Having a bad day, work running over or an evening invitation will no longer interfere with your gym schedule. In other words: exercising in the morning equals a better social life. Win-win.

3. You get to show off your smugface
If you get your training session out of the way in the morning, you get a headstart on everyone else. You know what that means? Bragging rights. If you accomplish absolutely nothing else for the rest of the day, you can still lord it over others. And you’ll get to radiate a healthy glow as well as smugness.

4. Everything is awesome
With the endorphin boost that comes with exercise, you can have a totally awesome day. You’ll feel energised and less stressed when you get to work. Plus, you won’t have to dread a post-work session.

5. You’ll lose weight faster
An early fitness session can jump-start your metabolism and keep it elevated for hours. Firing up your fat-burning furnace early means your metabolism will be hard at work while your body is at rest, even if you sit at a computer all day.