Are you making these common winter skincare mistakes?

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First published: 4 December 2017

Are you making these common winter skincare mistakes?

We love winter for its winter woollies, unapologetic pyjama days and of course Christmas jumpers. But, the colder months are not exactly welcome news for your skin and can cause more harm than good. With that in mind, it’s time to brush up on common winter skincare mistakes. Fight back with good skincare so that you can avoid stress and maintain a healthy complexion throughout the winter.

Here are the top 5 winter skin care mistakes you are probably already making this season. And the best ways to fix them!

Minimum moisturising

Moisturising seems to be a priority in the summer and why should it be any different in winter? Perhaps you do moisturise throughout the seasons, but according to Margaret Weeds, founder of natural skincare brand Odylique, you aren’t doing enough in winter. ‘Dry and eczema-prone skin in particular needs extra TLC in winter as cell turnover slows and the extremes of dry heat indoors and cold outside conspire to disturb the skin barrier function. This can lead to dull, flaky, itchy and irritated skin.’ Margaret suggests looking for ‘Natural moisturisers based on plant oils and juices like aloe vera which are rich in vitamins and amino acids with a similar profile to the skin’s own natural moisturising factors.’

Not staying hydrated

A cold glass of water or a cup of hot chocolate? I know which one I would prefer on a cold winter’s day, but staying hydrated is the key to clearing any breakouts or blemishes that may cause harm to your skin. ‘Hydration is most important to replenish the skin’s low oil and moisture levels and keep the all-important skin barrier intact,’ Margaret states. Margaret recommends: ‘Richer creams, oil serums and balms, especially for added protection from the elements and to help hold in that precious moisture to keep exposed face, lips and hands flake-free and hydrated.’

Wrapping up too much

When it comes to winter skincare it’s good to be aware of what we are putting on our faces, clothing wise. You are probably thinking that your favourite wooly hat and scarf are your essentials to your winter survival kit, however these could actually be the reason why your skin is breaking out and under a lot of stress. ‘The skin on the face is particularly sensitive and exposed, so needs the most care,’ says Margaret. ‘Wearing smooth breathable fibres like cotton and silk next to the skin as this also helps avoid irritation and layers can easily shed to avoid skin getting overheated and irritated.’

Taking hot showers

Don’t panic, nobody is saying that you need to start having ice cold showers but beware too much hot water. ‘The start of the winter can be a hard time on your skin, as it adjusts to the cold, biting winds and central heating,’ says Margaret. ‘Having a hot shower or bath too often can strip the skin of natural oils, especially when using soap or body wash containing artificial ingredients and chemicals.’ She suggests using ‘warm water and natural cleansing bars or body wash to restore the moisture in your skin.’

Not using enough lip balm

Having chapped lips is an accessory that nobody wishes to have on their Christmas list, but according to Margaret they are a recurring issue throughout winter. ‘Chapped and sore lips are a common sign of exposure to biting winds as cold air causes the lips to lose moisture,’ she says. A common mistake that we all tend to make is to lick our lips when they are feeling sore and dry, however Margaret says that this ‘usually aggravates the problem’. ‘The best treatment for sore, chapped and dry lips is to frequently apply an organic lip balm containing nourishing plant oils, waxes and soothing ingredients to help lock in moisture, promote healing and protect against further dryness from the elements,’ she says.

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Are you making these common winter skincare mistakes?
It’s time to brush up on our common winter skincare mistakes and fight back with good skincare to maintain a healthy complexion this winter.