GlideSoul AW17 picks

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First published: 8 October 2017

GlideSoul AW17 picks

Spice up your swimwear collection with our new season GlideSoul AW17 picks. Stylish and practical, we can’t get enough!

This season, GlideSoul has stepped up their game with a host of new collections. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or simply fancy standing out on the beach, this brand is the one to watch. They’ve matched their new designs with vibrant colours, allowing for some awesome mix and match options! No longer satisfied with your pared back monochrome get-up? Then let us show you our top picks from the hottest brand in swimwear.

GlideSoul AW17 picks

Black Pearl Collection: High Neck Crop Top

This crop top both a functional and fashionable. It’s made to support you in the water and look stunning on the beach. The Black Pearl collection is inspired by the ‘pearl of queens’ and uses neoprene fabric to sculpt your upper body. The flexible elastic back and hook at the neck provide support. On top of that, the material is quick-drying to allow comfortable transitions between the sea and beach. We’re sold!

£47, GlideSoul

GlideSoul AW17 picks

Vibrant Stripes Collection: 3 MM Full Wetsuit with Back Zip

This Vibrant Stripes wetsuit is a must-have. The stripes and colours make it a key part of any swimmer’s wardrobe, and it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Plus, it’s easy to get on and off thanks to the soft and stretchy S-Foam neoprene. The back zip also makes it a breeze to get on, while the full-body coverage allows you to stay warm whatever the weather. Reinforced knee panels also make it a great option for watersports enthusiasts.

£169, GlideSoul

GlideSoul AW17 picks

Vibrant Stripes Collection: 1 MM Jacket

This jacket ensures you stay visible with its vibrant orange colour and striped effects. Made with ultra-thin neoprene, you can be sure that this item will cling to your body, allowing effective movement throughout the day. The wrists are lined with silicone to prevent any sliding, so you can be sure that you will be constantly covered, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. The seams at typical stress point are protected with melco tape, so you can wear this item during tougher sessions on the water without worry of damage.

£99, GlideSoul

GlideSoul AW17 picks

Vibrant Stripes Collection: 0.5 MM Bikini Shorts

This season at GlideSoul, its all about the stripes. These shorts have a gorgeous aquamarine border, which crates a streamlined effect which has us swooning. Made from ultra-thin neoprene fabric, these shorts are both soft and stretchy to ensure you’re always comfortable, whether you’re surfing all day or just chilling on the beach. The seams are durable and flexible to give the shorts a lasting lifespan, while inner silicone lining ensures they stay put.

£59, GlideSoul

GlideSoul AW17 picks

Signature Collection: High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

Take it back to basics with the Signature Collection one piece. The neoprene material keeps the wearer streamlined, while sculpting and flattering the body, making it the perfect piece to wear in and out of the water. The high neck and meshed back details make it a fashionable choice, to boot.

£105, GlideSoul

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GlideSoul AW17 picks
Spice up your swimwear collection with our new season GlideSoul AW17 picks. Stylish and practical, we can't get enough!