5 ways to cure a hangover

20 April 2017 by
First published: 24 July 2016

Get up, open the curtains and pull yourself together with our 5 ways to cure a hangover.

Whether it’s just the one glass of red or a couple rounds of tequila shots, a drink can make a night out that much better. Or so we think until the following morning. Waking up with a headache, queasy tummy and the lack of will to do anything but stay in bed makes you wonder whether it was all worth it. Especially if you actually need to make something of the day. Because let’s face it – unless you’re on a hen do in Ibiza with no choice but hair of the dog for the rest of the holiday – you’re going to have to fix it, pronto!



When alcohol enters your blood stream, your body calls for more water to dilute it, which then triggers your bladder to take that pressure down. So you’re low on water, feeling dehydrated with a dry mouth, one of the easiest ways to pick yourself up is to drink mineral-rich water to flush out those toxins and detoxify. An energy drink like Lucozade (which contains electrolytes) will also replenish your salt and sugar levels – it works wonders!


A good brekkie

Your body may be craving a greasy fry-up, but the unhealthy fats will only make you feel worse. Keep the beans and brown bread, as they’re a good source of fibre, but replace your fried eggs, sausage and bacon for a healthy poached egg, grilled tomato and greens. These ingredients are great for slow-releasing energy and help to replace lost nutrients. And you won’t be racked with guilt after either!



If you prefer an even lighter lunch, you’ll find a friend in fruit. Berries are packed full of antioxidants, which protect you from free radicals, and potassium from bananas allows the water to keep you hydrated for longer. Plus, you can have them on the go or blitz them up for the yummiest, most refreshing smoothie!


Bone broth

The last thing you’ll want to do the next morning is make a fresh pot of bone broth, but it’s a miracle-worker, so we highly recommend making it the night before. Bones contain minerals and amino acids, which will boost your energy levels – directly sorting out that ‘I haven’t got the energy for anything’ conundrum. Oh, and add in some veggies (carrots, cabbage etc.) for extra nutrients!



Right, that’s refuel done. Once you’re feeling a little less sluggish and little more hydrated, the next best thing is to get moving. We’re not going to ask you to go for a sweat-inducing run or cycle. That may just dehydrate you even more and let’s face it – that level of energy isn’t realistic right now. What is do-able though, is 20 minutes of yoga. The movement helps to increase blood flow to your body (including your liver) which speeds up the detoxification process. Result!