10 must-pack holiday essentials

20 April 2017 by
First published: 17 June 2016

Heading to sunny shores? Here are your 10 must-pack holiday essentials…

If you’ve booked your tickets or you’re planning to jet away somewhere nice for the summer, you want to make sure that you’re all set and prepared. There’s nothing worse than finding out you’ve forgotten to pack something in your suitcase that would make your holiday experience a lot easier. So here’s a list of products that you should pack right now. You’re so welcome.

This might be a bit obvious, but remembering to protect your skin in the sun is very important. Although it’s great to get a tan, protecting your skin from UV and UVB rays is more important and you can always fake it anyway. This item is worth it for your skin’s health, so don’t forget to pack it.

After you’ve been out in the sun, help your skin out by rehydrating and assisting it in the repair process. Aftersun products can give skin a moisture boost and help relieve the pain from sunburn. Aloe vera is a particularly effective ingredient as it has cooling and soothing properties, but also works to hydrate the skin without you feeling greasy. Here’s one to add to the list.

Summer hat
A hat is great for overall protection from harmful sun rays, and can also fend off hair frizziness. Your hair needs moisture and the sun can dry it out, but wearing a hat allows it to retain moisture and stay protected. It’ll also keep you looking stylish with minimum effort.

Insect repellent
Keep those creepy crawlies away. It’s annoying being bitten, scratching your itch and then being left with sore spots. Plus, in some countries being bitten can put you at risk of diseases such as malaria. So wherever you’re destined to go, it’s worth reducing the risk of bites and illness by packing this item.

Your sunglasses can certainly be the perfect fashion accessory to your holiday style. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, but they can also make a statement with any outfit as you walk down the beach. With so many styles: round, square, heart-shaped or oval, you can easily find the perfect pair that will suit your face, then rock them hard in the sun.

Relaxing on the beach? Why not pass the time by indulging in a book? It’s therapeutic; relaxing for your mind and can be the best distraction from your phone. You might be getting away physically, so why not do the same for your mind? There are plenty of books that could tickle your fancy and make the perfect summer read.

Having some music to zone out too and block out the outside noises can be the best feeling in the world. If you’ve ever forgotten your headphones when you go to the gym, you know just how frustrating it is to be without tunes. So don’t forget to add your headphones to your suitcase in case you just want to listen to some music and relax.

Nail polish
In case your nail polish chips, needs a top up or you want to switch up your colour, it doesn’t hurt to add this to your suitcase. Plus, there’s probably plenty time to add some colour to your nails while relaxing in the sun.

Whether it’s for a headache, menstrual pain or anything thing that needs some attention for relief – it’s worth carrying some painkillers. Have a brand of painkillers that you’re familiar with, so you don’t need to attempt to use sign language to buy some in a foreign pharmacy.

Beach bag
Don’t underestimate the power of the beach bag; it makes carrying everything you need a lot easier. You may need extra clothes, as the night gets a bit cooler, it’ll carry your sun cream, a beach towel and any personal items – such as money and hotel room keys. Here’s an essential item to sign off your summer holiday checklist.