A week of yoga, surfing and sun

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First published: 30 December 2017

A week of yoga, surfing and sun

The Yoga Surf Retreats from Adventure Yogi combine a week of yoga, surfing and sun. Led by Yogi Chetana, it’s situated at a beautiful villa in Taghazout, Morocco. Get ready to experience a fun filled week of adventures, while learning a new hobby and making new friends.

Location, location, location

Morocco is regarded as a surf mecca, as many surfers are drawn to its shores throughout the year. Taghazout is a fishing village on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, north of the city of Agadir, which is known for its surf beaches. Boasting miles and miles of quiet coastline surrounding the beautiful village, its perfect for all surfing abilities.

Get adventurous

Adventure Yogi’s ethos is ‘active relaxation’ – offering adrenaline-filled adventures combined with relaxing yoga in exciting locations. They carefully select their teachers to make sure you have the best experience. The Yoga Surf retreat is at Villa Mandala, set on Wild Banana Beach, with a stunning view of the secluded beach front. Villa Mandala has spacious rooms, a pool, a sun terrace, Yoga Shala, outside dining, lots of communal space as well as massage rooms. This, combined with the super friendly villa staff, will ensure that you feel at home as soon as your walk through the door.


Every morning begins with a dynamic and invigorating yoga class, great for preparing you for surfing and energising your body. The Sun Salutation lets you appreciate the beautiful sunrise. As the sun sets over the beach front in the evening, you can take part in a restorative and meditative yoga class. This really allows you to tune with your body and how important it is to take care of it, especially after a day of exhausting surfing.

Ride the waves

The ‘Adventure’ part of Adventure Yogi. The stay includes a three-day surf package, including all equipment and instruction. Don’t worry if you’ve never been on a surfboard before – the local instructors are patient, experienced and incredibly helpful. When you’re not donning the wetsuit, these are loads of other excursions and activities do to in the local area.

Tuck in 

The villa chef prepared vegetarian meals for everyone, always with vegan and gluten-free options. Big nourishing breakfasts included pancakes and ratatouille, packed lunches of quinoa salads and stuffed vine leaves and gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan cake in the afternoon. Dinner was a feast, which we needed after a long day of surfing. Tagine and salads followed by delicious ‘healthy’ desserts were on offer and there were even pre-dinner snacks for those who couldn’t wait (which meant everyone!). It’s safe to say we never went hungry. However, the meals felt healthy, nutritious and balanced.


The week was magical. Many of the Adventure Yogis were return customers, going on many of their different retreats around the world, and you can see why. Adventure Yogi has truly created an ‘active relaxation’ retreat that strikes the right balance, and they obviously care deeply about how much people enjoy their experience. It was full of solo travellers, and this is a great way to experience Morocco on your own and meet new people, in a safe environment. Plus, surfing is cool right?

The details

Adventure Yogi run retreats throughout the year at various locations. Find out more information on what they have coming up www.adventureyogi.com

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Adventure Yogi, Morocco
The Yoga Surf Retreats from Adventure Yogi combine a week of yoga, surfing and sun, situated at a beautiful villa in Taghazout, Morocco.