Manduka X Yoga Mat review

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First published: 7 July 2017

Manduka X Yoga Mat review. Discover why we think the Manduka X Yoga Mat is a great addition to your yoga practice.

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Sports equipment

Our rating:

Four out of five

Key features

-High-density cushioning
-Lightweight and durable
-Superior dry grip

In a nutshell:

A yoga mat that is also ideal for regular exercise. It’s dense enough to provide sufficient cushioning for the joints through moves that require more shock absorption than yoga poses.

Why we like it:

For anyone that hates clutter, having gym kit that gives you a two-for-one deal is the dream. The grip on this mat really is superior – so if you work up a real sweat when you’re trying to hold those poses, you’ll really notice the difference. The cushioning is also a game-changer – as well as being thick enough to make barefoot burpees safe, the mat also makes floor exercises on your back perfectly comfortable (even ones that require quite a lot of movement, like bicycle crunches). Although it’s considered portable for an exercise mat, at 1.7kg, you’ll probably find it slightly annoying to lug around from class to class. Best for home practice, we reckon.

The details:

-Non-toxic, eco-friendly manufacturing
-Standard yoga-mat size (71”/180cm)

Our rating: Four out of five

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