Boody Padded Shaper Crop Bra review

17 August 2017 by
First published: 13 July 2017

Boody Padded Shaper Crop Bra review. Find out why the Boody Padded Shaper Crop Bra is your comfiest companion for low-impact workouts.

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Category: Activewear

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Four out of four

Key features:

Super soft
Eco friendly
Doesn’t rub or chafe

In a nutshell

It may not offer the support that other sports bras possess, but this Padded Shaper Crop Bra from Boody thrives in another arena. Made from organic bamboo, this seam-free, super soft and stretchy bra is the comfiest item in our wardrobe right now.

Why we like it

A regular bra makes you yearn for the moment you can take it off, Boody’s makes you look forward to putting it on. The secret? Organic bamboo. Not only is this the fastest growing, renewable and most water conserving plant on earth, it boasts a number of amazing qualities.

The material is oh-so-soft and stretchy, but antibacterial, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking and UV blocking qualities make it high functioning, too. Indeed the bamboo fibres naturally contain micro-gaps for ventilation and moisture absorption making it highly breathable.

With no seams, padding, wires or clips and a soft four-way stretch, it won’t cause any chaffing or rubbing whatsoever.

As expected, support is minimal to non-existent, so this wouldn’t be your go-to for a high intensity workout or long distance run, but for low-intensity activities, it’s a no brainer. All Boody products are derived from sustainable and pesticide-free bamboo certified as organically grown be Ecocert, so you can buy with a conscience, too.

The details

-95% Viscose made from organically grown Bamboo
-5% Elastane
-Designed in Australia
-Made in China

Our rating: Four out of five