Yoga Stops Traffick

20 April 2017 by
First published: 28 February 2017

Love yoga? Want to make it count? Then why not take part in Yoga Stops Traffick on 5 March 2017?

The one-day event is a worldwide community yoga initiative iss run by volunteers to raise awareness about human trafficking and much needed money to support its victims, and anyone can take part. The global sun salutations (a whopping 108 in total) raise funds for Odanadi Seva Trust, a pioneering anti-trafficking organisation based in Mysore, South India, which works to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate trafficked women and children. Over the past 25 years Odanadi Seva Trust has: rescued and rehabilitated more than 4,200 children; carried out 70 brothel raids; educated more than 20,000 children, men and women about sexual exploitation; returned 630 missing children to their families and brought 150 traffickers to justice.

Join in!

You can take part in over 30 countries, from the UK to India and New Zealand to Switzerland. In the UK there are over 15 locations where Yoga Stops Traffic will take place, check the full list here to see if there’s one nearby. Alternatively, if you’re a yoga teacher, there’s still time to set up your own local event and get it added to the listing; or if you just want to get together with friends to host your own event then that’s supported, too. The recommended donation is a minimum of $20, with more hopefully coming if you get your friends to sponsor you (details on how to submit any donations from individual events or sponsorship can be found here).

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Be sure to join the movement on your social channels – simply use #yogastopstraffick