Why you should be following Adidas’ FREE #workit programme!

7 October 2015 by
First published: 5 June 2015

If you’re after a new fuss-free routine to set you up for summer, here’s why you should be following Adidas’ FREE #workit programme

We Heart Living just loves keeping up to date with fitness bloggers, and it seems Adidas has now caught up with the trend! (Yes, we set it.) May saw the launch of the brand’s #workit Summer Series of easy-to-follow workout videos, featuring three of our favourite bloggers: Cat Meffan, Em Sheldon and AJ Odudu.

The programmes run for six weeks, and will be available over the summer until September 2015 – just the right time to hone your body for the beach. Each programme focuses on a different goal, so whether it’s strength, cardio or fat-loss you’re after, there’s something for you. Plus, it’s completely free to take part, and is available worldwide, so there’s no excuse not to keep up with your regime no matter where you are. Just log on to Facebook and find the Adidas women’s page here.

To find out more about the three lovely ladies featured, check out Cat and Em on Instagram, and AJ on Twitter. Look out for their sculpted bodies in the Autumn/Winter 2015 Adidas Women’s collection, and get ready to join them on your fitness journey!