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First published: 3 September 2016

WIN Sequence FINAL

You’ve heard of HIT fitness right? Well, now it’s time to try WIN Routine (which stands for wellness, inspiration and nutrition), for its effective three-step sequence designed to combat stress caused by external factors, such as pressures of modern life and society. The Almond Board of California has teamed up with three experts in the fields of mindfulness, yoga and nutrition to create the 15-minute routine to deliver peace of mind, muscle relief and a nutrient boost in just three simple steps. The steps in the sequence include; stretches to alleviate pressure points, mind exercise to train and refocus the brain and a nutrient-boosting almond snack to keep you on track for the rest of the day.

Dietitian and creator of WIN Routine, Lucy Jones, believes a quick and simple routine is a great way to ensure you are gaining essential nutrients and maintaining balance. She comments: ‘we are never at our most productive or happy if energy levels are low and we feel hungry.’ That’s why she designed the routine to fray feelings of sluggishness and fatigue by combining relaxing exercises such as yoga with a healthy snack, such as almonds, to help calm the mind and relax and strengthen the body by providing nutrients that prevent tiredness. Lucy insists to ‘Match this with a glass of water to ward off dehydration and you’ll be well on your way to take on whatever the day throws at you.’

Sounds incredible right? What’s even better is that the routine is designed to be speedy, effective and easy to do anywhere at any time, so it’s perfect for those who struggle to fit in time to relax.

Charlotte Watts, mindfulness expert and author of The De-Stress Effect believes it is more important than ever to find focus, ‘A fifth of us feel separation anxiety from our mobile devices. This reliance on tech is seriously detrimental to our mental health, driving us to distraction and, in the worse instance, anxiety. WIN Routine fits perfectly within a busy schedule to alleviate pressure and boost overall wellbeing.’ You just need a pencil, paper and some healthy snacks to begin your WIN sequence:

Step one 

This involves tackling physical tension, and the illustrated guidelines help to point out the routine of combining breathing techniques and lengthening targeted body parts. Let your mind wander and body stretch for the full WIN relaxation effect.

Step two

Simply calm the mind to banish stress by absorbing your surroundings. This will also awaken the sense to draw inspiration from what is around you. This is your time to embrace your creativity, so let your pencil do the talking and see what beautiful drawings you can produce on the page.

Step three

Finally, nourish your body and choose a healthy snack, such as a handful of protein-packed almonds. These are a natural source of fibre that will help you keep strong and healthy – no matter what your day may bring!

Mandy Jhamat, director at Yogasphere and co-creator of the WIN Sequence, comments: ‘internal worries manifest themselves in the physical – causing discomfort and tension in our muscles. By matching mindfulness exercises with basic but effective stretches that can be done at a desk or on the go, we’ve pioneered the ultimate wellness routine to work from the inside out.’

We all need to tune out and unwind every now and again and what better way to do just that than trying WIN Routine? To see for yourself and for more information head to