The best cardio fix classes!

20 April 2017 by
First published: 23 April 2016

If the first thought that comes to your head when you think of ‘cardio’ is a straightforward session on the treadmill or bike, then we need to tell you that is so 2005!

With new workout styles and gym locations launching quicker than we can say ‘high intensity interval training’, there’s no reason why your sweat-session should be anything less than thrilling. We’ve rallied up five of the best cardio classes out there –from boxing and spin, to dance and ballet (yes, we said ballet!). Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Pumped up Pilates

Whether or not you’re a fan of Pilates, PHIIT’s Hybrid class is a sure challenge for all. The signature class combines cardio, resistance and Pilates, promising results within two to three weeks (providing that you attend regularly). The pace is slightly faster and more dynamic than your average Pilates class, so you might need to counter in some shower-time.


Dance away

If you’re one to hurry the week in chase of the weekend, you’ll love Blok’s Friday night cardio session. Blok Party is just as the name suggests – a non-stop intense class that will have you burning the cals fast as you move to the beat. It makes you wonder why this wasn’t around before!


Hands up!

Here’s another fitness-class-slash-party (we did say we’d only include fun ones!). If you’re already a Rebel – or know someone who is – you’ll know that 1Rebel’s themed nights are the best. From hip-hop to #TFIF (we can’t possibly elaborate out loud), the music is what keeps the entire class pumping with energy and the Garage Rumble Live class is by far the best. It’s you, your punchbag and a live MC. The ultimate workout!


Full body

We turned up to spin, but Pure Ride’s Dance class had us twisting, pushing, punching and dancing like we’ve never been asked to before – all with weights. If the instructors (who know their playlists inside out) don’t make you crack a smile, the synchronised dance movements of the entire class will. Don’t worry – you will manage to coordinate your limbs!


Something different

Now this one’s a WHL favourite. Why? It’s not like anything else we’ve come across, combining conditioning exercises with mobilising moves, so you don’t feel stiff post-workout. Expect a mixture of speeds, as it combines cardio with ballet and contemporary dance. We feel cool just saying it!