Resistance band kick-back

24 May 2014 by
First published: 23 May 2014

The resistance band kick-back is one of our favourite exercises for working the glutes. Why? Because it’s easy and effective. The best part is that you don’t need any fancy machines or any kit other than a simple resistance band, which is cheap, compact and convenient. They come in different resistances so you can build up as a beginner, or head straight for the tough version.

We’ve got Instagram and the Squat Challenge to thank for the amount of bums we’re seeing all over the internet these days. While we’ll be the first to admit that we’re feeling the pressure of having a pert behind, we do love the fact that strong and shapely figures are finally being celebrated, and we’re definitely jumping on the bandwagon.

Try 10-15 reps, 3-5 times as part of an existing workout.

resistance band kick-back - We Heart Living

resistance band kick-back – We Heart Living


Start on your hands and knees with hands under shoulders, knees under hips.

Have the middle of a resistance band hooked around one of your feet, holding the ends firmly on the floor under your hands. The band should be taut from the start.

Keeping your hips square and without tilting the body, extend one leg out fully behind you in a swift motion.

Slowly bring it back to the start and repeat.

Perform all reps on each leg to complete one set.

Top tips:

Keep a flat back throughout.

Keep your neck in line with your spine – look between your hands throughout.

Make sure you control the movement when returning to the start position.