Centric: 3Tribes review

20 April 2017 by
First published: 16 October 2016

Want to know more about Tribathon? Here’s our Centric: 3Tribes review…

Centric:3Tribes is a brand spanking new studio that only opened this summer and is already making an impact on the fitness scene. It has three specialised rooms that each focus on different forms of training. WARRIOR is a high-intensity interval training space, RIDER is a modern indoor cycling arena and ZEN is a tranquil mind-body studio. Luckily for us, we were given the chance to test out all three during the Centric: 3Tribes Tribathon, a 90-minute class that combines these very different workouts. Read on for our Centric: 3Tribes review.

Warrior room

We started in WARRIOR, a room decked out with treadmills, weights, benches and TRX equipment. There’s no room for slacking during this workout. The class was split in half as we took it in turns to either be on the treadmills or at the step stations. When we swapped in between the treadmills and step stations, we were able to rest certain muscles while others were put to work. The instructor was incredibly motivational, the room is dark and atmospheric to help your mind focus, and overall it was a fantastic start to the Tribathon. The only problem was figuring out how on earth we’d have enough energy for the next hour!


Next stop was RIDER, the spinning class. I couldn’t imagine how I’d be able to perform my best after the intense workout in the room next door, but as soon as the music started pumping, any doubts went out of the window. This spinning class wasn’t just about cycling. We had to stay on the beat of each track as we moved up and down, incorporate choreographed dance moves with our arms and use handheld weights later on in the class. People sometimes mistakenly assume that spinning is just about your legs, but this truly was a full-body workout, and a massively fun one. The morale in the room was on an amazing high when the class ended, but we were definitely ready to stretch and relax in the last part of the Tribathon.


Entering the ZEN room, I immediately felt more at peace and calm. The room was dimly lit and there was a tranquil ambience – a stark contrast to the WARRIOR and RIDER rooms. Throughout ZEN, we were put through our paces with a variety of yoga moves, transitions and poses. The class was relaxing but also tested our flexibility and balance. For anyone less familiar with yoga (as I am), some poses were trickier than others, but practice makes perfect! One thing’s for sure – by the end of the class, my muscles felt more toned and soothed and my mind felt far more rested than before the start of the Tribathon.

Once it was over, I decided to test out the Ginger and Mint smoothie bar at Centric:3Tribes. I had a protein shake made with acai, mango, banana, apple and whey. It was delicious and definitely gave me the boost I needed following the tough workout.

Overall, I was really impressed by how enjoyable the Tribathon was. Your body is pushed to the limit, but you finish each class feeling energised and ready for the next. When I go to the gym, I don’t like doing one exercise for too long. For anyone else who often feels distracted in between exercises, the Tribathon at Centric:3Tribes is the ideal solution. You do each workout in short bursts, which allows you to give your full concentration to each one. I can’t wait to go back and try it out all over again!