7 exercises to give you the best butt ever

12 October 2015 by
First published: 12 October 2015

If you’ve been taking your eye off the exercise of late, or you’re keen to fizz up your existing routine, why not put these moves to the test? All you’ll need is a raised surface and a little blood, sweat and tears! Aim to repeat each move for 30 seconds, gradually building it up to one minute as you improve your form and fitness.


Jump rope

Lay a skipping rope (the longer the better) down flat in front of you. We’re going to kick start this booty session with a heart raiser, which will also work to tone your pins. Alternating between right and left feet, hop one foot in front of the rope as you land the other behind it. Add a little bounce in between the phases, before springing into your next move.



The mother of all butt exercises! With feet shoulder width apart, hinge back at the hip, as if you were going to try and put your bum on a seat. Your weight should travel back into your heels, almost bringing your toes off the ground. Aim to get your thighs parallel to the floor. Rise back up to standing and clench your butt-cheeks as hard as possible. Then repeat. Add in a jump between each rep if you’re feeling energetic. 


Pulsing lunges

Shoot your right leg in front of the left and drop into a lunge position, with your left knee just above the floor. From here, pulse the knee up and down, with a range of motion covering about two or three inches. If it gets too painful, rise up for a second, before coming straight back down into your lunge. Repeat with the opposite leg.


Side lunges with squat

Take a big step out to your right, landing the foot flat. From this wide-legged position, bring your bum slowly down towards your right ankle. Once you feel your leg lock, bring it gently back up, before bringing the right foot back to centre. Squat (as above) in the centre before repeating the action from the beginnning. Once you’ve done your 30 seconds, repeat on the left leg.


Single leg stand up

Using a chair, raise one knee just off the floor. Now gradually lower yourself down onto the chair, without the raised leg touching the floor. Once you’re seated, keep the raised leg high, and using just the leg still in contact with the ground, raise yourself up. Single leg training is super important to target your bum and keep your legs in great shape through winter.


Squat thrusts

Get down into a high plank position. Position your right foot next to your right hand, nice and flat and your left foot straight behind you. Now you’re going to swap legs, simultaneously bringing the right foot back as the left food comes forward. Try to work up a quick rhythm, going all out for the 30 seconds.



Get onto your back to finish. Place your hands down flat by your side, with your knees at a 90 degree angle to your body. Keeping your feet and knees together throughout, raise your butt smoothly off the floor, as if you were being pulled by a piece of string by your naval. When you can’t raise any higher, clench your butt cheeks together. Then slowly lower down to about one centimeter off the floor. Then do as many reps as you can muster in the allotted time.