5 reasons you need the TRX in your life

20 April 2017 by
First published: 9 March 2016

To get the body you’ve always wanted, here are 5 reasons you need the TRX in your life.

When you consider how much core control is required to use a TRX, you won’t be surprised to learn that the history of TRX is very similar to that of Pilates. Just as Joseph Pilates developed Pilates in order to stay fit behind bars while in a war prison camp, Navy Seal and founder of TRX Randy Hetrick conceived of this unique form of suspension training to deliver a full-body workout in the small confines of a ship’s interior. And at the heart of every full-body movement is of course the core, so TRX is essentially a progression of the principles behind Pilates.

An acronym for Total Body Resistance Exercise, the TRX is just that – a head-to-toe workout that uses the weight of your body for resistance. It’s lightweight, requires minimal space, works on a wall, over a door or on a tree, and provides one of the most challenging workouts available today.

Fitness made personal

Perhaps the best thing about TRX is that the resistance is as easy or difficult as you want it to be. By shifting your weight, you can decrease and increase the challenge to suit your personal fitness levels. As a TRX instructor at London’s Heartcore studios, I love how I can teach a complete novice alongside a super-fit TRX fanatic and they can both come away with a workout that pushes them to the peak of their own potential. My number one rule in class? Never stop moving during an exercise – simply change your position to reduce the load if you reach muscle fatigue within a more challenging range. That way, everyone gets a good workout and no one feels alienated from their more experienced neighbours.

Whether you take a class at one of the many studios now offering dedicated TRX group exercise, or simply buy a TRX to incorporate into your own home workouts, you’ll enjoy infinite exercise combinations and progressions. There is no point when TRX becomes ‘too easy’ – it’s a complete functional training suite that will remain your go-to weight-training alternative as you become fitter and stronger. And if you continue to use the TRX, you will become fitter and stronger.

Why give TRX a try?

I can list infinite reasons why you should incorporate the TRX into your training, but I’ll summarise the plethora of benefits into five compelling bullet points:

– It’s the only piece of equipment you need to truly work your whole body. Abs. Legs. Arms. Back. Shoulders. Yep, TRX has you covered!

– Let’s not forget the heart. Jump into one of my classes at Heartcore and I’ll show you just how cardiovascular a TRX workout can be. It’s time to take jump squats to a whole new level.

– It weighs less than a book, which means you can throw it in your bag and head to the park to squeeze in a workout around your office hours or lunch break.

– It awakens your core. Everything from climbing stairs to running for the bus will feel so much easier after a few TRX training sessions, and that’s because the stability and tension required through your abs will switch on your core in a way that enhances posture and everyday function.

– You’ll tone without bulking. By using your own bodyweight for resistance and enjoying the cardiovascular benefits of TRX, this form of suspension training is perfect for achieving a lean physique that is both strong and slim. Quick, get yours before the summer arrives!

The top move to master

When you get into the TRX for the first time, try this move: the Bodysaw. Adjust the footstraps to about half a foot off the ground, then slip your feet in them and come into a forearm plank with your shoulders stacked about your elbows. Rock back an inch, then forward to neutral. Continue for up to a minute, constantly drawing your bellybutton into your spine to maintain a strong, straight spine. This will develop the core and shoulder strength you need for a vast number of TRX exercises.

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