10 things you will get from a yoga retreat

7 October 2015 by
First published: 16 September 2015

If want to improve your downward dog and completely relax and unwind in the process, pick your excuse to book a flight with our 10 things you will get from a yoga retreat. There are of course tons of great reasons for going on one of the Retreat Collection’s luxurious wellness retreats, but here are our faves:


  1. Time to yourself

If you’re feeling stressed or in need of some rejuvenation, a yoga retreat could be exactly what you need. According to Natasha Moutran of the Retreat Collection, ‘The majority of people go on a yoga retreat on their own, so it’s a great excuse to take some time for yourself without any commitments to anyone else.’ Forget work, the kids or the dog, or whatever responsibility you have, leave it at home and prepare for some serious you-time.


  1. Improved yoga skills

Obviously, as it is a yoga retreat, this break is the perfect opportunity to hone your yoga skills. ‘You will get a LOT of time on your mat, so prepare for your yoga practice to change, develop and progress,’ says Natasha. Get ready to watch your yoga improve by the hour!


  1. Relaxation

Use all that yoga time to completely relax every inch of you. With nothing to worry about apart from perfecting that triangle pose, you’ll feel totally chilled in no time. ‘With nothing to worry about and everything taken care of for you, all you have to consider is turning up to yoga on time,’ says Natasha.


  1. A health kick

If you’re looking for a way to kickstart your new healthy lifestyle, a retreat is the perfect way to ease into it. According to Natasha, yoga retreats are great for this as ‘often with the yoga and the environment you’re in people naturally follow a healthier diet for the week away’. And once you’ve got into this healthy routine it’ll be easier to carry it on once you’re home too.


  1. A chance to meditate

Without the stresses of everyday life you’ll be able to properly reflect and meditate in peace. ‘With a combination of peaceful surroundings and regular practice during the retreat you will often leave being able to meditate or at least take the first steps to do so.’ The beautiful, quiet location will allow you to clear your mind and enjoy the wonderful benefits of meditation.


  1. Great new yoga buddies

A yoga retreat is a good place to meet great people who are experiencing the exact same thing that you are. The chilled, welcoming atmosphere will make you feel instantly welcome and part of the group. Natasha says, ‘Many people meet great friends for life on a retreat – I know I have!’


  1. A slower pace

With your regular schedule gone and forgotten, you can give yourself a chance to properly relax and recharge your batteries. The only things on your schedule are yoga and meals. No deadlines, no commitments. ‘It’s amazing watching the way people walk around on retreat, getting slower as the week progresses,’ Natasha tells us.


  1. A sense of perspective

According to Natasha, ‘a retreat really does help you gain perspective and realise your priorities in life’. If you’re struggling to figure some things out then a yoga retreat could be what you need to clear your head and reorganise your thoughts.


  1. Reconnection

Time away from stresses and pressures can allow you to reflect on who you are and how you’re feeling. ‘Retreating can really help you connect to yourself again. Who you are, away from everything and everyone else.’ Then once you’ve done this you can return home feeling refreshed and more like yourself.


  1. Take-away lessons

‘All the benefits – the yoga, relaxing, energising – and so much more will go home with you,’ says Natasha. ‘The best thing about retreating is how it makes you feel. The beauty of these yoga retreats is that they teach you skills such as yoga and meditation to not only give you a relaxing week, but to take on board and to enhance your life back at home too.’