10 signs you’re a health fanatic

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First published: 17 May 2015

10 signs you’re a health fanatic

It happens so gradually it’s impossible to tell, which is why we’ve come up the 10 signs you’re a health fanatic. How many can you tick?

Oh, how much our lives can change! Timehop is a wonderful thing. A reminder of how very different things were just 12 months ago. When I look back at the person I was – the lazy, sofa loving, sugar monster – I realise how far I’ve come.

But at what point do we transition from exercise-averse to health-obsessed? When is a plank no longer merely a reference to a piece of wood? Here’s the answer:

You own more trainers than heels

Shoe shopping is no longer relevant. But when the sports store down the road has a summer sale on, you’re there. Gym shoes, running shoes, indoor shoes, outdoor shoes… a fit chick can’t have too many trainers.

Your kitchen worktop is a shrine to your lifestyle

Gone are the microwave and toaster. No done-in-60-seconds or thick-toasted white for you. They’ve been replaced by a plethora of uber-healthy kitchen contraptions. Your juicer, spiraliser and dehydrator are all affirmations of your dedication to health.

You linger in the free-from aisle

Gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free… if it’s not free of absolutely everything (besides nutrients of course) it’s not going near your shopping basket. Once you’re done stocking up on quinoa, almond flour and chia seeds, you’re permitted to recoil in horror at the crisp-laden, biscuit-filled, carb-loaded trolley of the guy queuing at the next checkout.

You think kale is king

Kale is no longer the tough, green vegetable you used to stare at suspiciously. Hell no. Forget salted peanuts and Bombay mix, you’re the girl who serves up kale chips at the party.

Your smartphone’s on app overload

Your storage is almost full thanks to the multitude of fitness apps, and your entire home screen is testament to your love of cardio. They all do the same thing, of course, and you use the same app each time, but it’s best to keep the other 12…you know, just in case.

You’ve mastered bodyweight squat(s)

You managed one – OK, half of one – before the big, burly bloke doing bench presses had to come to your rescue. But what the hell, your mate got a pic and it’s going on Facebook.

You’ve got a foodporn habit

You photograph and share everything you eat. Aside from the cheat days of course – no one needs to see cheat day. But raw veg, fresh fruit and rice cakes make up your entire Instagram. You know how it’s done and you’re obliged to share it with the world.

 Your days of the week are defined by body parts

Forget Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Your new calendar reads legs day, abs day, arms day. Who cares what day of the week it actually is, the body part you’re training today is crucial info.

You drink your meals

Forget eating meals; the time has come to carry your lunch around in a sports bottle. Whey concentrate, whey isolate, hydrolysate… you have an entire cupboard devoted exclusively to protein powder.

You hashtag FitFam

The most important part of your routine is the fit-chick selfie. After all, the workout never happened if you didn’t share it with like-minded friends. #FitFam

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10 signs you're a health fanatic
It happens so gradually it’s impossible to tell, which is why we’ve come up the 10 signs you’re a health fanatic. How many can you tick?