Ten winter workout hacks

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First published: 30 November 2017

Check out our 10 winter workout hacks to help you find the motivation to exercise during the colder months.

Finding the motivation to workout in winter can be difficult. Cold weather, warm comfy clothes and the hot, tempting snacks that these colder months bring means the majority of us would much rather be tucked up in bed than on our way to the gym. However, preparation is key, and your determination can still be found! With these simple winter hacks, you’ll be out of your pyjamas and on your way to the gym in no time.

Daytime exercise

Try to keep your workouts within daylight hours. No one likes trekking to the gym on a cold, dark, gloomy night, so aim to workout when it’s light outside as you’re much more likely to actually do it.


If you’re an early riser then dark winter mornings can really play havoc with your motivation, so sleep with a nightlight on to ensure that when you wake up, it’s light. This tricks your body into thinking it’s light outside, so you’re less likely to feel sluggish and more likely to get up and straight into your gym gear!

Throw on your thermals

Invest in some thermal training gear. The shock of going outside barely dressed in the cold can be enough to put anyone off training… not to mention you’re more likely to get an injury as your muscles find it extra difficult to warm up! Thermals will help to insulate your body and keep you warm even when you’re training outside.

Warming drink

Drink a warm drink before you train. Keeping your body warm while training in winter months is crucial to keeping your motivation. Regulating your body’s temperature by drinking something warm means you’ll find it easier to crush your workout, and avoid the uphill battle that is trying to warm your muscles up in freezing temperatures.

Group workout

Book in for fitness classes. If you’re finding yourself slipping with your usual workout, or you just want to change up your routine a little, book in for some gym classes. The added pressure of a trainer pushing you, and the competition of everyone else in the class will only boost your motivation further.

Personal trainer

Book a personal trainer. Not only are you more likely to get the most from your workout if you’re being spurred on by a trainer, but the fact you paid for those sessions will make you more motivated to get yourself to the gym!

Workout at home

If it’s absolutely freezing outside and you simply can’t bear to step foot out of your cosy home, bring the gym to you! There are plenty of routines you can find online that will ensure you get a workout in, even if you’ve not left the comfort of your own home. You can even create your own!

Get a workout buddy

Bringing a friend along to a workout is great for keeping your sessions interesting, and they can encourage you to do your best (and tease you if you’re slacking!).

Nourish your body

Prevent illnesses by ensuring you’re eating enough. Your body uses slightly more energy in colder temperatures just trying to keep you warm, so adding a workout on top of this can sometimes be pretty gruelling. It’s important to make sure you’re taking on board enough food and water to help fight off any illnesses you may pick up around the winter months.

Get enough sleep

There’s nothing worse than when your alarm goes off in the morning and you’re not sure if you can even make it through the working day, let alone your workout afterwards! Be sure to have a consistent bed time, and get up time, as you’re much more likely to feel energised daily.

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Ten winter workout hacks
Check out our ten winter workout hacks to help you find the motivation to exercise during the colder months.