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First published: 29 January 2016

Go running in style with our cool running bundle!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the motivation to get up and go for that run that you’ve promised yourself you will go on for the past month. However, with our cool running bundle, you’ll have no choice but to finally go for it, as you wouldn’t want all these cool running accessories to go to waste!

Let your music pump up your spirits with some awesome sport headphones, stay hydrated with a refreshing water bottle and achieve your fitness goals with a fantastic training journal. Make running a habit instead of a chore and you’ll discover how great you can be if you set your mind to it. Get set, ready, go!

bobble insulate 

Whether you want to enjoy a steaming hot tea after a run or keep your water cool and fresh during a workout, this bobble insulate water bottle will do the trick! The bottle can keep drinks piping hot for up to 12 hours and refreshingly cold for up to 24 hours. It’s so important to stay hydrated.

Peppermint & Pumice Foot Scrub

Are your feet sore after a tough run? This foot scrub has been infused with a combination of peppermint and spearmint oils to give your feet the refreshment that they need. It will remove any dead skin and leave your feet feeling smoother than ever before.

Mint & Blueberry Foot Cooler

Team a foot scrub with a foot cooler and your feet will be in heaven! This foot cooler has also been infused with a combination of peppermint and spearmint oils that will make your feet feel cool and dispel any smelly odour. The creamy foot cooler gradually dries into a silky-soft powder. How foot-tastic!

Popband Active Headbands

Train cute, run hard! You may be a sweaty mess after a run, but that doesn’t mean your hair accessories can’t be on point. These Popband Active headbands are soft, stretchy and will hold your hair back without leaving a dent. Plus, when they’re not in your hair they make cute wristbands!

magi:bobble Hair Bobbles

This quirky hair bobbles from magi:bobble will hold your hair up in a ponytail or a bun effectively without leaving any kinks – a perfect running accessory! All you have to do is wrap the bobble around your hair twice to securely hold your hair in place. These bobbles are great accessories for all hair types.

Dry Skin Itch Relief Cream

Running during the winter can often leave your skin feeling dry and chapped. Soothe your skin with this dry skin itch relief cream. This cream is intensive, non-greasy and is easily absorbed to moisturise and protect your skin from any further dryness. It’s suitable for sensitive skin and isn’t perfumed.

Happy Plugs Sport Headphones

These sport headphones from Happy Plugs look stylish and are ideal for an active lifestyle. Run along to your favourite tunes without having to worry about your headphones falling out, as these headphones are designed to stay put in your ears. Plus, they’re sweat resistant and remote controlled!

Daily Greatness Training Journal

This Daily Greatness Training Journal is the ultimate holistic training guide for women. Stay motivated with a 12-week fitness planner, goal planners and a food and exercise journal. The daily pages will inspire you to celebrate your progress and achieve your fitness goals!

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