How to nail your muddy race

20 April 2017 by
First published: 30 June 2016

We’ve got top tips from the creator of Mudder Maker 2.0 on how to nail your muddy race…

So if you’re gearing up for a tough, muddy race, let us first applaud you for taking the plunge. This is all about testing your mental and physical strength, with hardcore obstacle courses that’ll push your endurance and ability. Luckily for you, we’ve got expert advice from the creator of the Mudder Maker 2.0, James Trevorrow, to help…

Train for your race It’s important you have a good base level of running fitness before you take part. I recommend combining your training in both running outdoors and on the treadmill, to ensure you are training all of the areas of the body to help you at the event. Start off with a long steady state of running until you feel a good base level of running fitness is achieved. Integrate interval training, hill work and muddy park runs to really ramp up your running fitness levels. Most of the race challenges also involve climbing over obstacles, so upper body strength is also essential. Chin ups, monkey bars and shoulder presses are good exercises to incorporate to achieve this type of fitness.

Be a team player Your whole group will have different strengths. Some will be best at running and others at the strength components. Decide as a team if you are going to finish it together or if you are happy to split up during the course. True team work and support comes when you look out for each other, wait for those who are behind and congratulate your team mates who make it through the obstacles. Be a great team player by ensuring you are on hand to pull and push your teams mate (and other participants) over obstacles just as much as you receive help yourself.

Stay motivated Remember why you are doing it. Everyone will have their own motivations for finishing. Use this as mental motivation in the final few miles. Remember the badge of honour from finishing it. You can’t show off to your family and friends by not giving it everything you have got. Count the miles down, not up. Each mile and obstacle overcome is just one step closer to making it to that free alcoholic beverage at the end!

Don’t compare yourself The more you train the easier it is on the day. Start at least a few months before to give yourself the confidence factor going in to it. The ‘Tough Mudder half’ a new course this year, is a great stepping stone to the larger distance event.

Wear old clothing The mud is heavy, so I advise not to wear anything too baggy. Make sure shorts /bottoms are tied or free of risk if falling down. Some like wearing special gloves for extra grip on the obstacles, but some find them too slippy. I’d recommend trying them out before hand to check if these are right for you or not. Don’t wear loose fitting jewellery. With so much mud and water they are easily lost.

Wear trail running shoes Normal running trainers can be extremely slippery. Many swear by trail running shoes due to their grip and comfort.

Do your research on what to expect Expect plenty of mud, lots of climbing obstacles, a very cold ice bath, lots of water to drop into, a ton of crawling and some tempting electric wires to sprint through at the end.

Beat the obstacle Before you decide you can’t do it on your own, use those around you to help you. The other participants are some of the most helpful you’ll ever meet!  However, if you have your mind set on skipping one or two, you do have the option to skip it and walk around it.

Have fun! You are not timed or compared to anyone else. There is no league in Tough Mudder. Focus on helping your team and others cross the line and in turn you’ll meet a heap of people who you have shared this great event with.

Do your best and love the challenge! If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. The only thing standing between you and the finish line is yourself. Crossing that finishing line means pride from your family and friends but most importantly pride in yourself. Good luck!

Check out James Trevorrow on Twitter @kernowjt and check out the Mudder Maker 2.0 at Virgin Active.