Rock climbing – 5 reasons to try this awesome sport today

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First published: 5 October 2017

Rock climbing – 5 reasons to try this awesome sport today

Build your confidence and face your fears with rock climbing and our 5 reasons to try this awesome sport today.

Are you ready for a challenge? The idea of going rock climbing may be daunting, but it’s a brilliant form of exercise – and it’s so much fun! Michael George, Seymour Climbing Wall Senior Coach (, gives us his top reasons to try it today.

Test your limits

When you face a situation you’re not used to – such as climbing a wall and trusting that the person below will keep you safe – it can be extremely character building. ‘Climbing is a truly personal experience which not only challenges us physically, but also requires mental strength, self confidence, planning and an awareness of the body,’ says Michael. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a fantastic way to test your limits and see what you’re made of.

Full-body workout

Scaling a rock climbing wall works your whole body. Many people believe that rock climbing relies mainly on your upper body strength, but you need to use your entire body to reap all the benefits. ‘Climbing promotes fitness on so many more levels than those that are immediately obvious,’ explains Michael. ‘Everybody associates climbing with the need for a strong upper body and, while this does help, we also need good core strength, leg strength, flexibility and good coordination. Body tension is key to many climbing moves. It’s little surprise that most climbers are ripped!’

Community support

Rock climbing requires a lot of trust, both in yourself and others. You have to believe that you can reach the next hold, but you also need to place all of your faith in the person holding the ropes. This level of responsibility will help you forge strong bonds with other climbers. ‘Climbing is an incredibly social experience. So many climbers are incredibly supportive and want to see others achieve,’ says Michael. ‘In roped climbing, we are totally dependant on each other for our safety. This promotes trust in others as well as teamwork and responsibility.’

Challenge yourself

When you first catch sight of the rock climbing wall looming in front of you, you may feel slightly overwhelmed. But nothing quite beats the sensation of defying your own expectations when you climb higher or more confidently than you ever thought you would. ‘Climbing is massively rewarding from a sense of personal satisfaction. The sense of achievement on completing a problem is huge,’ explains Michael. ‘Whatever level you climb at, there will always be problems set to challenge you and help you to improve, so you can just keep on getting better, by moving on to harder challenges. The best training for climbing is more climbing!’

Greater awareness

Not only does rock climbing teach you how to become more aware of your own body, but you’ll also gain a greater appreciation for the people around you. The act of climbing may be a one-person activity, but rock climbing is a social and multi-faceted experience. ‘Many people who climb have a greater awareness of the value of those around them and of the importance we have to each other,’ says Michael. ‘Those who climb outdoors are also much more aware of the need to care for and protect the environment in which we live.’

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5 reasons to try rock climbing
Build your confidence and face your fears with our 5 reasons to try rock climbing.