London’s best circuit classes

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First published: 3 November 2017

London’s best circuit classes

Spin, HIIT, running or boxing, it doesn’t matter which one gets your butt into gear, circuit training is the ultimate fat burning fitness workout. Circuit classes today have become a phenomenon across many, if not all, gyms worldwide. So, if you are after an effective way to make some serious changes to your body and improve your overall fitness then look no further because we have London’s best circuit classes righthere.

F45 Training Bears

Taking part in circuit classes not only improves your fitness, but it also improves your knowledge base of different exercises. With over 15 stations of exercises, there’s no doubt that Bears Class at F45 Training keeps circuits challenging. Bears is a cardio-based circuit which involves your and a partner following the interactive leaders on the screen through set exercises at each station. You do two rounds of exercise – the first is a 30-second interval followed by a 10-second break, then you are straight back in for a 55-second hit. It’s fast, it’s hard and it works!

Barry’s Bootcamp

Tired of the same old park or gym-floor circuits and looking to spice up your routine? Enter Barry’s Bootcamp, London’s ultimate circuit class. The concept has created an army of fitness fanatics hooked on its signature hour long class. A tough 25-30 minutes of interval cardiovascular treadmill routines mixed in with 25-30 minutes of strength training circuit exercises, will leave you sweaty, but satisfied and on the way to a stronger and fitter you!

Mega Circuit

Circuit classes can be a great way to meet new friends and find like-minded training buddies. Mega Circuit at Third Space is not just any circuit class. Held in a sports hall with a buzzing atmosphere and packed with battle ropes, tyres, sleds, medicine balls, hurdles, it’s a fun and sociable way to get in shape.

Best’s Bootcamp

Left cold by the usual gym class circuits offering? Best’s Bootcamp welcomes anyone who’s up for a challenge! Once the class starts the lights go down and it’s time to get serious. It’s a tough workout, but it gets results and Best’s Bootcamp make it their priority to give you an awesome circuit workout!

London Fields Warrior

Calling all workout warriors, get ready to take your circuit training above and beyond with London Field’s Warriors class. Based on the rigorous training a boxer would go through leading up to a big match, this Rocky inspired class is not for the faint hearted! But before your tail goes between your legs, it is certainly an excellent body conditioning class that you won’t want to miss. London Fields studio caters to lots of different abilities, so whatever your fitness level, expect to be nudged towards to your limits by the awesome trainers and the motivating group atmosphere.

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London's best circuit classes
Circuit classes: an effective way to make some serious changes to your body and improve your fitness. Here are London’s best.