Jourdan Dunn supermodel workout secrets

12 August 2018 by
First published: 12 August 2018

Want to know Jourdan Dunn’s supermodel workout secrets? We joined her at her favourite class to find out all about them and the launch of her first campaign with GLACEAU smartwater.

Box till you drop!
We joined the international supermodel at her favourite class at Chelsea’s well loved fitness studio, Kobox, to showcase her ultimate boxing regime. Together we punched, jabbed, hooked and sweated our way through the challenging workout.

We know boxing has serious body gains and while many of us picture supermodels running endlessly on treadmills with strict low-cal diets, Dunn smashed these myths as she powered through the gruelling workout. She also quashed any notion of crazy diets as she positively reinforced the value of refuelling and rehydrating while working out.

Most of us work out for a sense of mental clarity and to release any stress and Dunn’s no different: ‘I love boxing training, I’ll step into the ring to get my sweat on and then rehydrate with a bottle of smartwater. Nothing makes me feel better or more energised! Wellbeing is so important to me and fitness, nutrition and hydration are central to that.’

The perfect balance
As well as being a fashion icon, an award-winning model and a working Mum, Dunn has learnt that, ‘the key thing that keeps me going is to stay properly hydrated.’ The supermodel’s schedule involves constant travelling so having GLACEAU smartwater as her vital element ensures that she can make the most of her passions, including fitness, family, self-care and of course her beauty.

Be sure to recycle!
GLACEAU smartwater is the first ever UK brand to use a unique method of vapour distillation, which features added electrolytes to ensure it always delivers a distinctly pure and clean taste. What’s more, smartwater bottles are made up of 30% plastic from plant-based materials, which has a lower carbon footprint than traditional plastic, making it 100% recyclable!

For more information and updates on the smartwater and Jourdan Dunn’s partnership, visit and follow the brand on Instagram and Twitter.

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