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3 October 2014 by
First published: 4 October 2014
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Here are our top juicing tips, to make sure you’re doing it right and getting the most out of your tasty habit!

Juicing has become hugely popular recently – there’s something invigorating about throwing together some tasty fruits and vegetables to make a delicious – and healthy – snack!

Madeleine Shaw, nutritional health coach, says, ‘I love juice. It’s amazing how all of the goodness contained within a freshly made juice can fuel a workout, beat that afternoon slump or help you sleep. Freshly made fruit and vegetable juice is packed with nutrients, making it a simple step towards getting your five-a-day.’

‘If you’re always on the go then it may seem like an easy option to grab a bottled juice. However, shop-bought juices actually lose many of their nutrients over the course of their long shelf life due to the pasteurisation process. Plus they tend to be fruit-based making their sugar content higher. So add some vegetables to your juice and make it yourself for a real juice health boost.’

Here are Madeleine’s top juicing tips:

1. Buy fresh produce and wash it all before you juice
Using fresh fruit and vegetables will ensure that you get the best out of your juice – the taste is affected once things start to get old, so by choosing fresh you’re giving yourself more time to use the food while it still tastes great. Madeleine advises buying from a market stall.

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